Family Day Dinner

So, apparently today was National Family Day. A Day to encourage families to eat together. Eating together is something we really try to make happen here every day, even if it’s over McDonald’s bags, but most of the time it’s something I’ve made and served up. I count it as a privilege to do this for my family, just as sitting with my family at the table and listening to them talk about everything and nothing at all, is a privilege for me.

Planning out menus is a big part of why we are able to sit down to a meal each night. However, when I planned this weeks meals I didn’t really know that today was Family Day, so it was a mere coincidence (or was it?) that I made a family favorite; Mustard Chicken. It’s a simple little dish I found on Pinterest. (See, I told you I DO what I PIN! ) 🙂 Anyway, this dish was an instant hit with my crew. It’s frequently requested and best of all it’s E.-A-S-Y!

Basically it’s oven roasted chicken on top of root veggies. The chicken skin gets nice and crispy, and the meat is nice and juicy. This recipe works nicely with skinless chicken as well. The original recipe (below) calls for fennel, but the family’s not a big fan, so I often use parsnips. They are so tasty! This time the farmer’s market didn’t have any parsnips though :O and they were asking $2.49/lb for them at the store so I perused the other root veggies there and decided to try Turnips! (they were only .53/lb!) So, tonight’s offering had Candy Onions, Baby Potatoes, Carrots and Turnips! SO good. We decided that the round roots tasted faintly like Brussels Sprouts but you had to “taste really hard” to get much of any flavor at all from them. In all though it was SO yummy!

So this is how we passed Family Day at our house. We ate, we laughed, we talked, and then the kids cleaned up the table! 🙂 Really it was no different from any other day here except that tonight we weren’t as rushed as we might have otherwise been. I have to say, as busy as our family gets, and with the kids activities we get VERY busy, I hope we never get too busy to eat together.

Here’s the link to the recipe in case you want to add it to your family’s menu and have your own Family Day. After all, shouldn’t every day be family day?


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