What’s Cookin’?

Planning a menu is often thankless work. The question, “What do you want for dinner?” is all to often met with a shrug or “I don’t know.” or my favorite, “I don’t care. I’ll eat whatever.” an OBVIOUS lie.

Most weeks I don’t lack for inspiration, there are always new recipes I want to try, but there are times I just can’t come up with anything at all. Then there’s the whole matching-the-meal-to-the-schedule-and-time-allowed issue. So, tonight I post the menu for our family for the coming week, which just so happens to be Homecoming week for the kids so I faced several challenges of comings and goings and number of mouths to expect at the table. That number looks to be rather large by weeks end. Maybe you will see something you like here. 🙂

Sunday: Oven Tacos – a new recipe I found on…you guessed it, Pinterest! It involves filling the shells with the meat and cheese then popping them in the oven to heat them up. I’m intrigued! This will be served with rice and beans!

Monday: Oven Chili Dogs – This one is tried and true! A full blown chili dog with all the fixin’s baked in a foil covered casserole dish! SO GOOD. We won’t eat chili dogs any other way! Serving this one up with chips

Tuesday: Apricot Ginger Chicken Thighs, Pearl Couscous and Sauteed Mushrooms & Snap Peas

Wednesday: Hamburgers, Fries and Salad (got to veg it up now and then) 😉

Thursday: Old Fashioned Beef Stew with bread – This is a wonderful recipe I found years ago in a Taste of Home magazine (I think). It’s a crock pot recipe and uses tapioca to thicken as it cooks so it’s all ready in a nice gravy when it’s done! I prefer to cook mine in the oven in my cast iron Dutch oven though. 🙂

Friday – Big Football Game Night: Hawaiian Sweet Roll Ham Sammies with Mac & Cheese with Corn – The Hawaiian Ham Sammies is another Pinterest find. I also seen it pinned as “Funeral Sandwiches” :/ Whatever you call them they are GOOD. They also fit the bill for quick, easy and feeds many. All requirements for this day. The Mac & Cheese with Corn was something that a friend brought to a wiener roast one year. SO good and creamy and again, EASY. No precooking of the macaroni in this one. Just dump it all together and put it in the oven! Whew!


Sunday: Chili with Rice and Chips – This is a cold weather favorite around here. We first learned about this combo when we were invited to a Sunday School dinner party WAY back in the day. We were asked to bring lettuce to the dinner. Other guests had similar ingredients to bring. When we arrived our hosts had a nice pot of chili going and some rice and once we put it all together we had, well, chili nachos I guess. It’s been a big hit with company and with the family ever since. Start with a base of chips and rice, add a thick chili and pile it up from there. Perfect for watching football!

So, there you have it. Veggies and fruits will be worked in after I see what is available at the farmer’s market. What are you having at your house? What challenges do you face when planning your families meals?


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  1. DKS says:

    Wonderful!!! Our biggest challenge after working around my husband’s diet is I work during the day and he works 6pm to 6am. He comes home of a morning and usually eats breakfast. . . which really should be his supper. Then he takes his lunch and dinner with him. He is a truck driver, so not all food items are a good idea. Lots of fruits and veggies. Right now, for the last two weeks it has been a form of cabbage soup (his request). . . . .dks


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