Lessons Learned

The last few days have been rather chaotic at Momma T’s Table. Chaos cause by on little, red, USB drive…that went missing. A USB stick with ALL of my 4-H club information dating all the way back to 2006! (No, there was no back up.) I had truly lost my memory! The missing stick was last seen in my laptop on Sunday night and has not been seen since.

Our 4-H meeting was yesterday (Thurs.) By Wednesday I resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to find the device that held my whole world, so I set about recreating everything from scratch. Membership roster, re-assignment of Talks and Demonstrations as well as Host responsibilities. A new 6 page newsletter, a new directory, the whole nine yards. In addition I had 53 enrollment packets to put together for distribution at the meeting.

Of course this is the perfect storm for Murphy’s Law to kick in. Good old Murph, always there to kick a girl when she’s down. I ran out of ink right in the middle of the news letter, the printer jammed repeatedly, the phone rang incessantly… well you get it. Stressful doesn’t even begin to describe the situation. To top it off, I went to the bank to get the change of signature paperwork for the club account, since we elected new officers last month and ran into a giant puddle of Murphy’s Mess that I won’t even get into there. Needless to say, my 4-Hers were going to have to make a very important fiscal decision at the meeting though.So, come meeting time I pulled it all together, such as it was and headed over to the meeting, full of dread.

The kids began arriving and made a bee-line toward the enrollment packets. Their excited chatter over what projects they wanted to take made me smile and the burdens of the last couple of days seemed somehow heavier. I found myself dwelling on them while they listened so attentively to our special guest speaker. How could I possibly give them any potentially bad news about the club. They were so excited about everything.

Finally the time came. I explained that we had some fiscal issues to discuss and asked if any of them know what fiscal meant. I was surprised when one of the younger members (10) raised his hand and nailed the answer. I explained the issues and told them they needed to make a motion to open the matter to discussion and following Robert’s Rules of Order they did just that. They opened the issue to discussion, they discussed, they asked intelligent questions, they problem solved, they voted and when it was all said and done, they had a workable solution to the problem. In short, they handled it like pros. They handled it far better than their leader had. I’ve never been so humbled or so proud.

Last night I was reminded (not that I’d really forgotten) why I am a 4-H leader. I do for these kids. I do it because I get to work with these good, loving, SMART, talented kids. In them I saw young people ready to take care of their club. Ready to take OWNERSHIP of their club. They showed me that they know how to conduct business and they showed me that you never give up. They reminded me that I can trust them to do the job. They showed me that they are a family. That they are MY family. They lifted my heart and my spirit and renewed my faith in a program that I was afraid might fail them. I have NEVER been so proud to be their leader. I have hope for their future. I have hope for MY future in them. I am so lucky to be their leader. I am so lucky to be a 4-H leader.


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  1. Michelle M. says:

    You are so sweet! That made me cry! We feel blessed to have you as our leader!! Thank you for all you do. It truly is appreciated!


    1. You are so welcome. I really do appreciate my kids AND their parents. I’m so glad they still have so much to teach ME!


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