Here’s What’s Cookin’ This Week!

It’s a relatively easy week here at Momma T’s Table. A sort of quiet before the storm if you will. I’m keeping it pretty simple with the meals this week too. Cooking from what I have stocked in my pantry and my freezer.

Sunday: Oven Chili Dogs – Didn’t get these babies made the last time I had them on the menu so I bumped them up to this week. These are perfect for watching football and munching on.

Monday: Loaded Cheddar Cheese Burgers and Fries

Tuesday: We’re representing the Hub’s employer’s at a scholarship dinner. Kitchen closed!

Wednesday: Shepherd’s Pie, Corn, and Salad – This is a creation of my mothers from when we were in grade school. It was one of the hot lunch items we liked at school. From our descriptions she recreated it at home. It’s often asked for at birthdays and such. It’s different from the more traditional versions in that it does not contain any veggies but it’s tasty and wonderful when the cold sets in.

Thursday: Beef Tips and Mushrooms in Gravy over Noodles, Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Balsamic Vinegar – I crave Brussels this time of year. Don’t you?

Friday: This is where the mayhem sets in! It’s Band Senior Night at the last home football game. Seniors and their parents honored at half time. NO time to cook this night. Really must worry about what I’m going to wear! 😉

Saturday: Final Marching Band competition. Eating at the stadium.

Sunday: Ham and Cheese Biscuits! – Packers (his team) V. St. Louis Rams (my team). Dinner’s got to be easy so we don’t miss a play!

So, there you have it. I’ll be posting some of these meals this week! Plus a couple of fun projects I’m working on! 🙂


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