Here’s What’s On Momma T’s Table This Week

The Menus for the week are done and the shopping list is made out and the coupons are matched to the deals! It’s not clear just when we’ll get out to buy the things on the list but at least it’s ready to go.

This week has been mostly cool and rainy and that has brought out a lot of requests for some of the family’s cold weather favorites. Of course now that they are all planned out, we’ll probably experience unseasonably warm weather for the coming week! šŸ™‚

There’s a good sale on fruits and veggies this week and I intend to take advantage of it in my meal plans!

Monday: Meatloaf, Macaroni and Cheese with Corn, Asparagus and a nice salad

Tuesday: Tomato Basil Tortellini, Soup, and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Wednesday: Grilled Turkey Breast with Dressing, Green Beans and Apple-Pear Salad (A little Thanksgiving warm up) šŸ™‚

Thursday: Beef Veggie Soup and Peanut Butter Toast Sandwiches

Friday: OUT

Saturday: 4-H Wiener Roast at our house! 35 people coming! :O

Sunday: Family Funday Sunday!


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