Reflections of the 1990’s

Tonight the boy interviewed me for one of his classes. It was an interview about the 1990’s. It was scary how much of that decade I couldn’t really remember as far as pop culture and politics were concerned. I tried, but I just couldn’t quite get anything to come into focus. It wasn’t really that long ago. What’s the matter with me? I can remember the 70’s and 80’s pretty well, just couldn’t get a grasp on these things of the 90’s though.

He asked questions like, what was your favorite song, your favorite movie, and why? What one thing during this time shaped your generation? What events do you remember from this time? One of the questions he asked was about what I did in my spare time in this decade. I had to laugh out loud because I was raising 4 kids in the 90’s! I HAD NO SPARE TIME! HA! Probably had something to do with my not being able to remember much about pop culture and politics too.

Here’s what I can remember from the 1990’s. I can remember things like searching for Bubba D. Hamster when he got loose from his cage. I can remember having my first talk about death with my first two children when Bubba D. stopped running in his wheel. I remember packing lunches. I remember giving birth to 2 of my 4 kids in the 90’s. HEY! I just remembered that my dear daughter was born the day after Bill Clinton was re-elected! Politics! Score!

I remember having the worst case ever of walking pneumonia and arguing with the Dr. about how I couldn’t be admitted to the hospital because I had kids to take care of. (I won). I remember having Gestational Diabetes not twice. I remember taking so many trips to the Pediatrician’s office that they started to recognize me by my voice when I called.

I remember my first 2 son’s learning to ride their bikes in the 90’s. I remember my 2nd son coming home from his first day of Preschool and telling me he had 9 girlfriends. I remember fighting tooth and nail so that my son, who would eventually be diagnosed with Asperger’s could get a fair education. I remember shedding many tears of frustration and pride over that decade too.

The boy asked me who my hero was from that decade. I couldn’t think of a single figure in that era of history who impressed me enough to be a hero. All I could think was that the only hero’s in my life are my kids, my husband and my parents.

I remember marriages, I remember deaths, I remember the special people who walked through my life during that time. Some of them bringing love and kindness into my life and others bringing challenges, ALL serving significant purposes in my life, shaping the way came through this decade in time.

Yeah, I remember the 90’s. Just not anything as insignificant as pop culture or politics. Sorry Teach.


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  1. liz hunt says:

    wow! what powerful writing-love the message! I feel the same way-I was so busy raising my kids during the 90’s that I can hardly remember anything else. Beautiful blog post Theresa!


    1. Thanks Liz. I was so frustrated after he interviewed me last night. At first I was frustrated that I couldn’t answer the questions in any “intelligent” manner. Then I was angry at myself for down-playing the importance of the events of my life at that time. I don’t know what kind of grade he’ll get, but I certainly learned a lot. 🙂


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