Lunch Day 1

So, I’m sticking to it. I’m making my lunch, a full lunch for me and me alone, every weekday this week! Time to take care of me! So, as I am putting my tuna melt on the Pizzazz to make it, well…melt, SNAP! The power goes out! Not just a little neighborhood outage, but about half of our town! Was it something I did? LOL!

I was off to a great start when, on Saturday we were in the big city looking for fabric to sew a Jester costume for the boy and we came across a few farmers still selling fresh produce at the market there! Yes! Homegrown goodies for my lunches and dinners! We bought 2 bags of tender lettuces, some dill, 2 zucchinis, a bunch of baby carrots, some broccoli and 3 pints of local Honey (not pictured because I couldn’t find where my family put it)!Image

Yippee! I was well on my way! I was very excited to get going, but I’ll be darned if, the next day, I didn’t experience guilt when we checked out at the grocery store. The bill was a bit higher than usual and I began to blame myself. I shouldn’t have bought this, I didn’t need to get that, I could just eat peanut butter sandwiches, and so on. WHY? Why do I do that. Fortunately the hubs pointed out to me that A) I deserved to have what I wanted to eat for lunch just as the rest of them do and B) the items I had chosen to add to the list were not what brought the price up, we also stocked up on some meats and we bought some items for dear daughter’s birthday party. It wasn’t me, but still, I felt guilty. I just dont’ get it, but I intend to work on my attitude in this respect as I work to break my bad lunch-time eating habits.

So on to my lunch. My not so melty patty melt.

I cut a nifty square bun of Ciabatta bread in half and lightly toasted it. I was looking for something different than the usual mayo mixture so I mixed one of those foil packets of White Tuna with some Capers and Balsamic Vinegar, then I sprinkled it with some of that wonderful fresh dill from the Farmer’s Market. Topped that with a couple slices of tomato and a slice of smokey Provalone cheese and I was ready to melt, even if the appliances weren’t. I briefly considered just putting it away until tomorrow and just having peanut butter and chips but I shook that idea right out of my head and pressed on. Adding orange wedges, and the rest of the tomatoes and a glass of milk I enjoyed my not so melty melt! I even sat myself a place at the table. It was a real treat! Can’t wait until tomorrow!



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