Lunch: Day 2

Today’s lunch wasn’t anything spectacular, but I’m finding it’s not what’s for lunch but the act of putting time aside to sit down and eat lunch that is special here.

Today as I munched my lunch, I was visited by the spirits of last night’s dinner. We had an extra kid at the table and that’s always a joy. I made Pork Schnitzel, noodles and oven roasted cabbage wedges (the cabbages grown in my own garden). Everyone had fun with the Schnitzel name and things got a little silly. A lot of chatter about school, the power outage, the upcoming musical, speech team and band and the football team making it to the quarter finals. All wonderful things, but it was the memory of the Hubs asking for seconds on the cabbage that made me smile today.

See, when we were first dating, he wouldn’t touch anything that wasn’t meat or potato in origin, yet nearly every date we went to the local Ponderosa where they had this amazing salad bar. One particular trip to the Ponderosa, I told him he should at least TRY the “cow food” as he called it. To my surprise he agreed and turns out, he liked it.

Over the 31 years we’ve been together he has grown in his tastes. Many of the things he’s tried he’s tried because I asked him to, and it was that moment of remembering the second helping of cabbage that reminded me how much he loves me. So much that he is willing to eat his veggies. LOL!

On to today’s meal. Once again I set a spot at the table just for me. I prepared a simple mixed greens salad with some dried cranberries and a drizzle of Light Balsamic Vinegar dressing. Toasted whole wheat bread with chunky peanut butter, Low-fat cottage cheese and a yummy apple rounded out the plate. I had water to drink (something I need to get more of in my day).



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