Lunch: Day 3

Oh boy kids! Today almost didn’t happen. I spent the morning scrubbing floors and rearranging my living room and by the time lunch time rolled around I was starving (I know! Snack! Another issue to work on another day!) and tired and not in the mood to “fix” anything for my lunch. Why should I when there is a plate of delicious cookies I baked for my dear daughter’s birthday yesterday just sitting in the kitchen waiting for me? It would be so easy to grab 3 or 4 of those and a glass of milk, chow them down and keep on moving…until I crashed.

The first thing I did was post to my crisis to my facebook. If I didn’t want to get up and do this than perhaps posting my pending short-fall would shame me into getting up and doing what I needed to do. All that actually did was cause me to sit there staring at the screen. Oddly enough, it was the weather radio that got me off my duff and back into action! That’s right! Wednesday’s are the day they run a test alert on the weather radios and just as I was settling into my resolve to just blow off lunch, the test set the loud alarm off. If I didn’t get up to turn it off I’d have to listen to it. So up I got, and once I was up I decided to suck it up and go into the kitchen and MAKE MY LUNCH! It seems silly I guess, that this would even be a struggle, but this is the very demon I’m trying to fight here and this time I won!

I did make some modifications to the scheduled lunch. I did not pick up wraps or tortillas for this lunch as I was certain I already had some. I was wrong. SO, I used a pita pocket instead and made a Shrimp and Salad Pita sandwich.

First I mixed the salad together, some mixed greens, tomato, craisins, and feta cheese. (forgot the almonds) 😦 Then I sauteed about a cup or salad shrimp in a skillet with some garlic and olive oil. A little pepper and lemon when they were done and I mixed them into the salad and stuffed it into a pita and drizzled on a little of that Lite Creamy Balsamic Dressing! Actually, there was enough for 2 but I only ate one and saved the rest for later! I had a whole banana as the banana’s were very small and then I rewarded myself with 2 small cookies. Had milk to drink with this one too. πŸ™‚


Thankful to have pushed through this one and to have won this battle. I’m really feeling a difference as I move through my day. My energy levels stay up through the afternoon hours! It’s a positive change, so why does it have to be so hard? Onward!


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