Lunch: Day 4 or Achieving Sandwich Success

Today’s lunch has been in development for some time now. Ever since I saw it on a menu at a little coffee shop called Mika’s I’ve wanted to try it. Never got a chance to eat it at Mika’s but I have been working on making my version of it at home for a couple of months now. Today, success! I have no idea how it measures to Mika’s version, but measured up to my taste bud’s needs! 🙂

Earlier attempts at this salad netted a sandwich that was just OK. Part of the problem was that I used an apple that was too soft and too tender. I wish I could tell you what variety of apple I used this time but they were from the apples we bought back in September when we went to the orchard and I can’t remember now what they were called. The were a larger, firmer apple with a little more of a tart taste but not as tart as a Granny Smith.

I usually use this wonderful, nutty, artisan bread we get from our local grocer, but alas, they were out of it, so I went with some more of the Ciabatta bread I had earlier this week for my melt. I also decided to jazz things up with a bit of whole cranberry sauce. It added a nice tangy flavor and the splash of color this sandwich seemed to be missing!

Momma’s Grilled Apple, Cranberry, Goat Cheese Sandwich

1 Firm Apple

.5 oz or so of Goat Cheese

Canned Whole Cranberry Sauce

2 slices of your favorite Artisan bread

Start by coring and slicing your apple. I found that using my corer and then slicing the apple in rings helps the apples lay best. This nifty little corer from Pampered Chef is pretty amazing too! I just got it and this was my first time using it. WAY easier than the wedge/corer I’ve tried before!


Next I cut off a slice of goat cheese and spread it over one side of my Ciabatta bread. Spread it as thick or as thin as you like, then spread some cranberry sauce over that. Finally arrange the apples on top of the cranberries.


Next I heated up TWO iron skillets, one slightly smaller than the other. I brushed both sides of my sandwich with olive oil then placed the sandwich in the larger skillet and placed the bottom of the smaller skillet atop the sandwich in the larger skillet, forming a sandwich press. If you have thinner bread you can simply flip the sandwich, but pushing it all together and heating it from above and below helped to heat my sandwich all the way through.

Today’s selection was served up with some of the baby carrots and broccoli from Saturday’s Farmer’s Market and some hummus with water to drink. It’s a messy sandwich, but oh by was it good!







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