Lunch Week 2

Today I had one home sick due to nerves about the coming weeks. Who could blame him really. I get a little queasy when I think about it myself. Still I made sure to stay the course with my plans for the week. Drink more water, plan for snacks and make and eat a lunch for myself and sit at the table to eat it.

Let’s start with the water. I set 3 bottles of water totaling 64 oz of water on the table. A visible reminder to drink up! I managed to get all but about 8 oz down!





For Lunch it was an egg sandwich and tomato soup. Perfect for this cold day. I had planned on Bananas and Mandarin Oranges for a fruit, but I found Persimmons and Black Berries on sale at the grocery store and, having never tried a Persimmon before, I decided to give it a go! Not bad. I think mine might have been a little over-ripe. It was very sweet though. Milk was the drink of choice for lunch.


I was also very proud of myself for making this lunch. I was stressed, I was trapped with home with a stressed-out kid and I was faced with a HUGE temptation:


Left over candy from dear daughter’s birthday and I didn’t cave! I didn’t even want it! Nor did I make a bee-line for the 12 left over cup cakes in the kitchen! Victory! The stress eater in me was quiet and allowed me to take good care of me! I am so proud of myself!

I also found that with the water challenge I wasn’t even hungry for a snack so I didn’t have one yesterday.

I wish I could say that things went as well with dinner but with the sickie at home and dear daughter walking in at 3:30 handing me a fist-full of papers to sign announcing that she had to be back at the school at 4:45 for a speech practice I ended up pulling leftover pizza from Sunday’s party out of the fridge and serving that up. Beef & Mushroom pie is scheduled and will be ready to go tonight no matter what though. 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. liz hunt says:

    wow! good job ignoring the candy & cupcakes! For me, the cupcakes would have been TTTOOOOOO tempting! You can doing a great job.
    Also, the beef and shroom pie for dinner sounds really yummy.


    1. The cupcakes are difficult to avoid indeed! I’m just not craving them though. Weird, but I’ll take it!


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