Lunch: Week Two, Day Two

OK, last post today, I promise. 🙂

So far I’ve put away half of my water for the day and I did end up having a snack. I had string cheese and black berries. Not just any old string cheese mind you. I picked up a pack of Kraft Tomato and Basil string cheese last week at the store. They were on sale and I had a coupon so why not? Let me just say…WOW! These are the best string cheese sticks I’ve ever had! Immediately I could see that these would be AMAZING in one of those recipes where you take a chunk of cheese stick and fold it up in the middle of a bit of bread dough and bake it. These babies were MADE for that application and more! So delicious! And the snack tided me over to lunch perfectly!


Today’s lunch was YUMMY! It featured one of my new favorite grains Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wa). It’s delicious and has this wonderful texture that’s kind of hard to explain. Kind of like little berries popping in your mouth? You just need to try it for yourself. A little bit goes a long way too.  I cooked up one serving (1/4 C dry) of the Quinoa which filled up about half of my plate then I topped it with some wonderful sauteed veggies and black beans. It’s so easy to cook up too! Water, quinoa and about 12 min. is all it takes!

I sauteed the veggies in olive oil. I like my veg to caramelize some so I give them time to do that. I started with the mushrooms too as there is a lot of moisture to cook out of them. Let your shrooms sit in the pan without moving them around a lot at first too. I put mine in and then went about slicing my zucchini and draining the beans and corn before I stirred them around. When they started to get a golden tinge to them I added the corn and cooked that until it started to pop a bit in the skillet. Then I added the zucchini and again, let it sit until it started to caramelize. I added in the beans at the end and allowed them to warm though. Seasoned with salt and pepper and it was ready to serve!

I plated up the Quinoa then added the veggies on top and served it along side some bananas and Mandarin Oranges! Yummy! A glass of milk on the side and I was set. Image

Of course once I was finished eating the phone rang. The boy was sick and needed to come home. A day in the life…right?


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  1. Michelle M. says:

    I tried Quinoa for the first time today too. I’ve seen so many recipes on pinterest that I was curious what it was like.


    1. I first cooked it this spring when my daughter-in-law, a vegetarian, was over for a gathering. I was looking for something with some protein in it. I fell in love! How about you? Do you like it?


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