Sweet 16!

So, our youngest is now 16! Time sure is flying by! She’s a beautiful young lady and a lot of fun! So glad she’s ours. She’s a sweetheart so we decided a “sweet” themed party was the way to go for her Sweet 16! Part of that theme involved a candy cake! The inspiration for the cake came from Pinterest of course, but the link did not show how to do it so we worked it out for ourselves.

She’s more of a tart candy girl. Doesn’t care for chocolate much at all. I’m not sure where I went wrong, but in this case it works as the tart candies come in brighter packages which were much better in this application anyway. 🙂

We started by constructing a “cake dummy” from various sizes of foam circles and wooden skewers. Measure the height of the candy you plan on using on each level to determine the height of that layer. Hot glue a ribbon on the bottom round. to cover the raw edge or select a candy to cover it.


After doing a “dry fitting” of the candy you wish to use, place “permanent” double stick tape around the bottom round and begin setting candy to the foam in whatever order you wish.


Continue fitting candy where you want it. We found loose candy like Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Rolls fit nicely in the gaps between layers. We used a cone at the top, wrapped with candy buttons and then adorned it with Dum-Dums. We surrounded the cake with cupcakes in candy filled glasses, because you just can’t have enough SWEETS at a Sweet 16! After the party, the young guests took home bags with an assortment of goodies!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle M. says:

    Super cute!!


  2. liz hunt says:

    love it! I was wondering how you did this. What did the 16 year old think of it?


    1. She loved it! She also helped me construct it! Her friends loved it too! Shoot! The adults did too! Fun for everyone!


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