A New Habit Forming…Lunch: Week 2 Day 3

So, today’s lunch was supposed to be a baked sweet potato stuffed with Feta Cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and olives, an orange and milk. One problem, and it’s a biggie, no sweet potato. See, we started using this new iPhone/iPad app called Grocery Gadgets to create our grocery list, but recently, we have been experiencing issues with the gadget and it wouldn’t open and I had left the printed list at home on this particular trip to the store so there were about 10 items we did not come home with. Sweet Potatoes being one of them.

Please note here that through one of the best ever tech service departments on the planet, the issues with the Grocery Gadgets app have been resolved and we are back to shopping. They even referred us to a couple of tutorials to help us get more use from the gadgets! We are currently using the free app to see if we like it but I can tell you this my friends, if the app is half as good as the customer service is, I think we will be incredibly satisfied!

So, what to do about lunch? Well, those cup cakes are still sitting on the counter. I could very easily grab those. Or there’s an unopened bag of Doritos in the cabinet, or that Snickers Bar that dear hubs brought home last night when I was stressed out. OR I could swap out that lunch with one of the remaining lunches! Yes! The Grilled Tomato, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich with Salad and Orange it is! Last piece of Provolone, some bread, nice ripe tomato and turkey. Check!

Slice the tomato, brush the bread with olive oil, lay on the tomato, the turkey…hold the phone! That’s not turkey any more! YUCK! Those cup cakes are still there. If I have milk with it it’s healthier right? NO! OK, how about a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich? Perfect! While it’s grilling I can slice up some orange and yellow peppers and some hummus to dip them in. And that orange! Where is that orange? No orange? No problem. I’m problem solving today. I’ll just have a banana!

Or not:


More on the bananas later but the point here is I did not cave to temptation. I did not throw my hands up and give up! In fact, I’m beginning to really enjoy spending time in my kitchen cooking just for me! I don’t know why I’m surprised by this, I’ve always been happy in my kitchen. I love cooking and creating and producing something that people really enjoy. Perhaps I just didn’t think of myself as someone to cook for?

Whatever the psychology of it is, I’m very proud of myself today. Here’s what I created for my lunch today:


Grilled tomato and cheese sandwich with cranberry sauce, sliced peppers and hummus and a glass of milk. šŸ™‚ It was tasty and satisfying and the sandwich will make its way into the menu again!

And those bananas?


Zucchini-Banana Bread! Great afternoon snack, warm from the oven with a glass of milk!

Here’s the recipe I used!


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