Lunch: Savory Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

Today I had yesterday’s lunch. A quick trip to the grocery last night restocked my cupboards and I was ready for one of my all time favorite treats!

This is a recent discovery of sorts. I’ve had a thing for sweet baked sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries for some time now, but I’m not a huge fan of the syrupy sweet toppings that many put on the sweet potatoes. I like it simple and a little savory. Butter, salt and pepper, maybe a little cinnamon. Then I ran across a tasty looking recipe on Pinterest with all sorts of savory goodness on it. I’ve since put my own twist to it, and I’m finding that you can load a sweet potato with just about anything!

Today’s sweet potato was baked at 400-degrees F for about an hour so it was nice and soft all the way through. I added Feta Cheese, Muffaletta olive salad, a sun-dried tomato pesto and of course a few capers for good measure. I make sure I split the potato wide and fluff it up before adding all of the yummy ingredients so you get a nice ratio of goodies to potato. I finished this meal off with a side of mixed fruit instead of a salad since I had several odds and ends of berries and such I needed to clean out of the fridge and I figured I was getting plenty of veggie with that nice sized sweet potato.


I know it all seems a little odd, but I encourage you to give it a try. I’m thinking fresh tomatoes, scallions, basil and Parmesan cheese would be a good combo too. What combo would you use?


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