What a whirlwind life has been lately! The weekend was a full one with the kids musical performances, packing for Disney, and all the celebrating and grandbaby time we had, we had trouble telling if we were coming or going. Whew! I’m happy to report that we are still standing though and I’m also happy to be getting caught up.

On Friday I was having some tummy troubles so I didn’t fix anything special, just a can of chicken noodle soup and some crackers. Comfort food at it’s most basic. No picture though because I was in a hurry to get things done before we all had to leave that evening.

This week began with the hubs coming home from work early so we could take the kids their luggage after school and see them off on their big adventure. He talked me in to going to lunch with him. We went to one of our favorite spots and I ordered a grilled ham and cheese and some chicken and rice soup. Unfortunately the soup and sandwich were cold and even after they “heated it up” it was at best lack-luster. Wished I’d not let him talk me into going. Usually they are very good so I’m guessing the kitchen or the server or both were just off game. At least I hope that was the case.

After seeing the kids off, we realized we forgot to marinate the salmon and the hubs couldn’t wait the hour + so once again we went out and had dinner at another place. Again, wishing we’d stayed at home. TONIGHT will be different!

So, after a weekend of gastric disappointments, today I got back on the horse and made Teriyaki Chicken Wings! They were WONDERFUL! A most satisfying meal indeed! I love chicken wings and had been craving them lately too! They were so easy to make too! If you are interested, you can find the recipe here.

I am happy to report it was delicious! I served it up with a side of steamed rice and broccoli and some Mandarin oranges. Y-U-M-M-Y!


Rather than start a fire with the broiler (it would happen) I decided to try my hand cooking them on the Pizzazz pizza maker. I’m telling you people, if you don’t have one of these gizzies yet, you need to get it on your Christmas list NOW! Anyway, I set the Pizzazz for 20 min. and set it to cook both top and bottom. After about 10 min I flipped the wings and let them cook some more. Then I reset for 4 min and basted and flipped the wings until they were a nice brown! It worked!

It felt good to cook for myself again. REALLY good. I’m looking forward to making dinner for just the two of us tonight. (The salmon is in the marinade right now!) I’m also very proud of myself for picking right back up where I left off! It would have been so easy to lapse back into my old ways but I didn’t! YAY me! Now I can’t wait for tomorrow’s meal!

Also on the agenda for tonight is to set our Thanksgiving bird into the brine! We refer to this as “getting the turkey drunk” as we use a mixture of salt water and Bourbon but how else are we going to coax it into a bubbling vat of oil on Thursday? 🙂 There will be more on that tradition later!



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