Happy Thanksgiving! (And a little holiday rant)

I wanted to take a moment to say I am thankful for those of you who stop by the table to see what this crazy old lady may have to say. I can’t imagine why you do it, but I’m awfully glad you do. These past few weeks have been a lot of fun for me, learning how to blog and thinking about what to blog have allowed me some introspection along the way. For that I am grateful.

We will be spending our Thanksgiving around my parent’s table with my sisters and their families and my children and grandchildren. We will be missing our youngest two kids as they are in Disney World today with their band preparing to march in the Thanksgiving Day Parade of Bands! This evening they will be enjoying their Thanksgiving feast at EPCOT! While I will miss them today I am so excited for them to have this experience!

One thing we will NOT be doing today is shopping for Christmas. Thanksgiving is far too easily forgotten as it is. To make workers come in during this time that should be reserved for family and for thankfulness is so very wrong and I refuse to play into the merchant’s greed on this one. As a matter of fact, our family has vowed not to shop any of those stores who are opened today, for the entire Christmas Season! Being open today just isn’t necessary. We must remember that the clerks and managers are PEOPLE, just like you and I and they need this break before the retail holiday onslaught begins.

This may show my age, but I remember a time when the stores were closed on Sundays! These were family days, days of rest and days of worship and they were reserved for those very things. They closed for holidays too, grocery stores and all. If you forgot the bread for stuffing, you had to figure it out for yourself! It required you to think ahead or problem solve. It wasn’t all that bad. That day is long gone and while the old-fashioned girl in me would love to see them come back, I’m not so naive as to think it possible. But I wonder if there isn’t still some way to salvage what is left of the holidays.

Now I’m as much for a great bargain as the next girl, but I have to ask myself what cost that bargain comes at. I’m sure not willing to take another mother away from her family, to get my deal. I’m just not that driven by need, or perceived need, enough to do that. Besides there are some much better ways to get the shopping done. Shopping the local business person will net unique gifts that are often one of a kind. Keeps more money in the community too! I also remember giving and receiving home made gifts too! They were some of the best gifts and I’m planning on doing some of that again this year.

OK, rant over. I’m off to chop some vegetables for roasting, make up some dressing (both vegetarian and regular), and some mushroom gravy. Then we’ll rinse off the turkey and head out to moms to fry it up!

May you and yours be blessed, no matter where you are or what you are doing this Thanksgiving Day.



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  1. Cyndi says:

    I agree with your rant T. I try very hard not to shop on Thanksgiving or Christmas because everyone should have a day of rest and celebration.


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