Lunch or Something Like It

I’m starting the week off with a sick child. The Boy started running a fever last night. I knew it was coming, both kids have been run into the ground. I’m sure the Girl isn’t far behind. Just another Monday at Momma T’s table. Oh well, at least the weather’s a nice balmy 70 on the 3rd of December! There’s something.

In continuing with the typical Monday theme, in preparation for lunch I found that I really didn’t have anything but the pears for my lunch! To refresh your memory, the meal planned was a Bacon, Pear and Cheddar panini. As I mentioned in the previous post, we did not make it to the locker plant this weekend so we had no Bacon. I HAD a couple slices of sharp cheddar cheese left, but apparently dear Daughter found them and they were gone. All I had was ciabatta bread and a pear. Hmmm…what to do?

Upon further investigation of the refrigerator I found a slice of leftover turkey and I had sliced Colby-Jack cheese. Oh and there’s some cranberry sauce! I warmed and slightly browned the turkey breast slice in some olive oil in a skillet then spread some cranberry sauce on one slice of bread, followed by a slice of cheese, pear slices, the turkey and another slice of cheese. Topping it off with bread again I placed it back in the pan and toasted both sides of the bread and melted the cheese slightly. By golly, I’ve got a pretty good sandwich!

I added a salad, and the other half of the grapefruit I had with breakfast and topped it off with a glass of milk! I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in the swing of things again! Sitting down to eat lunch allows for so much more than nourishment. It allows me to reset my brain, to rest my body and to reflect. And having a lunch plan allows me to be able to assemble SOMETHING good for me to eat, even if I don’t have all I need to assemble what I had planned and keeps me on track!


What did you eat for lunch today?


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