Catching up on Lunch

I’m BACK! Sorry to leave you so long without a post. Last week was a 4-H meeting week and a big meeting at that. We had our annual cookie exchange and hat and mitten collection and we signed cards for the VA hospital as well. Whew! A lot of prep work meant lunches were rushed and probably not all that interesting anyway so you really didn’t miss much.

I did however want to share with you my Thursday lunch. Not because so much because of what I ate, but more because of what I didn’t eat. You see, Thursday was meeting day and that meant I was busy, busy, busy getting all of my “stuff” together. It was just the sort of day that would have had me throwing back handfuls of stuff that wasn’t good for me, and believe me, the temptation was there. But, because I had a plan in place I ate this:


A simple ham and cheese sandwich and an apple. Nothing flashy, but what’s more important is that I did NOT eat any of this:


I’m just so proud of myself. I feel like I am well on my way to taking better care of myself. On my way to being a healthier Momma for my children and a stronger Yaya for my grandbabies. In addition to the eating healthy and getting my water in, I’ve also added a daily physical activity this month through a fb event called the December Physical Challenge. It’s easy enough to accommodate the activity in my daily routine, but the activities (squats, burpees and a combo of each which increase in repetition daily) are challenging. I feel better physically and mentally as each day passes!

I never intended for this simple act of including planned lunches into my day to lead to all of this, but I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the result.



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