Peanut Butter Apple and Bacon Sandwich

Sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday. My twin grandbabies surprised me with an afternoon visit to play! A lovely surprise indeed! But, I wanted to make sure I shared this delightful lunch discovery with you all so I’m posting yesterday’s lunch today.

This is a Peanut Butter, Apple and Bacon Sandwich:


It can also be described as YUM! I will be the first to admit I wasn’t too sure about this combo but let me tell you, it WORKS! It’s salty, it’s sweet, it’s crunchy, it’s creamy…it’s perfection! Even dear daughter who was home sick yesterday LOVED it. It was so good in fact that it will be making another appearance this week in the lunch line up.

I won’t line out a recipe for you. It’s really pretty straight forward. We toasted our bread because we like it that way. We BAKED our bacon. Folks if you aren’t baking your bacon you’re missing out. No mess, no tending to it like you would in a skillet. Doesn’t leave your microwave all greasy and smelly. Just put your bacon on a foil lined jelly roll pan and put the pan in a 400-F. oven and bake it until it’s done to your liking. We get super thick cut bacon and we like it crisp so it takes about 15 minutes at that temp. Once it’s done you let the pan cool, peel up the foil and toss.

Then it’s time to put that bacon on your peanut butter and apple sandwich and have a tasty treat! I’m hooked!


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