In My Garden!

This week in the mail has been better than Christmas! I finally got all of the seeds I ordered for my garden in and of course, I’ve already shuffled through them, sorted them, showed them, like pictures of my kids, to anyone who would look and I may have drooled a little! Yeah, I might be a excited!


Fourteen fruits and veggies, 21 different varieties and they’re mine, ALL mine! And that doesn’t include the potatoes or onions! I’ll be making the best of every square inch of my garden this year for sure. I’ll be staking and caging all the way. I plan to train my cucumbers up the fence as well as my beans and peas. I also plan to start my cabbage, kale and Brussels later in the season for winter crops. That way I have room for early crops like lettuce and such.

I broke out my Gardening Journal and made notes of what I have and where I plan to plant it all. I also read through the backs of all of my seed packets to see what their requirements were for sowing outside, soil temperatures, and how far before the last frost I needed to start them indoors. I made notes of these requirements in my Journal and wrote those dates on the fronts of the envelopes as well.


I’ve ordered a soil test kit, a soil thermometer and a rain gauge to replace the one that broke. I’m ready. Come on Spring! Won’t be long now!


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