Aunt Lola’s Corn Fritters (and how to seperate an egg)!

I don’t make these often and I really don’t know why. They are SO easy and so tasty. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s Aunt Lola’s recipe after all.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Aunt Lola is where I get my love for cooking. I used to think it was from my Grandma Minnie, she was a good cook and cooked a lot, but she did it more our of necessity. She had 11 kids. Definitely not cooking for the “fun” of it.

Aunt Lola loved to cook. She truly cooked for fun and the joy of feeding others. Like me, she liked to try new things and always had her trusted, tried and true recipes at the ready for any request! Also like me, she wasn’t afraid of making a mess in the kitchen. “Messy cooks are the best cooks”, she liked to say. Whew! This is good news to me.

This recipe, however, will not make a mess and has a few very simple ingredients! And they are so, so, so, SO light and fluffy! This was just enough to appease our family of 4. If you want to feed more you will want to double the recipe!


Aunt Lola’s Fritters

(Makes about 12 golf ball sized fritters)

1 egg separated, beat the egg yolk thick and the white should be beaten until stiff (check out our new way to separate an egg below)

1 Cup of fresh or canned corn, chopped and drained (trust me, don’t skip this step. Chop the corn and it will reduce the popping. I’ve several burns on my arms and face to prove the point. Chop ladies and gentlemen, chop. Just run a knife through it a few times.)

1/2 Cup + 2 Tablespoons flour

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/4 tsp. salt

Pinch of paprika

Chop and drain corn. Drain it very well. Add the egg yolk to the corn and mix well. Stir in sifted dry ingredients. Fold in egg white. (did I mention these are light and fluffy?)

Drop from a tablespoon into vegetable oil heated to 350-degrees F. Cook until delicately brown (this does not take long at all so watch them carefully). Drain on a paper towel. While they are still warm, toss them in powdered sugar and serve immediately!

We had ours with our Pork Chop Dinner:


Before you go off to make some delicious fritters of your own check out this nifty new way I learned to separate an egg. I’ll never do it the old fashioned way again! Learned this on the Mr. Food show during the noon news last week. So fun!

You will need the following:

An egg, a bowl and a CLEAN plastic water bottle (the sort that you buy at the store or a vending machine)

Break your egg into a bowl. SQUEEZE the empty water bottle, then bring the bottle down so that the mouth of the bottle just touches the surface of the egg yolk.


Now release the bottle so that it sucks the yolk up into the bottle! You may have to squeeze the bottle back into shape, but the idea is to create that suction that gets the yolk into the bottle!


See! Just yolk! No muss, no fuss!


To get it out of the bottle, just squeeze it into another bowl or right into your recipe!


I want to say that this is fun for the kids, but who would I be kidding! This is fun for ME!


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