Valentine’s Day Post

If you ask me, there’s a lot of unnecessary hype around this Hallmark holiday. I mean, if you have a true love, you should be demonstrating it daily, not scrambling to find a “perfect” gift one day a year. Right? Through our expectations of magical, true love and devotion from the object of our affections we set ourselves up for disappointment time and time again. Love is something we should demonstrate daily. We should speak it in word and deed to all of those we love.

This week my Valentine took very good care of the family, the house and me while I was sick. He cooked our meals after working all day and kept the kitchen CLEAN. That right there is worth ALL of the Valentine’s chocolates money can buy. It was a rare and very much appreciated gift indeed.

That said, I did go ahead and make him a little something this year for the Hallmark holiday. Hopefully the gift I made for him will aptly reflect my love and gratitude for the care he have me this week and the love he gives me year round.

I made him a date night box filled to the brim with a variety of date ideas. You see, our first date was February 13th, 1981 (yes, it was a Friday). We went to a church Sweetheart Banquet and we’ve been dating ever since. 11,690 days to be exact. Lately though our dates have consisted of dinner at the Pub and grocery shopping. Not that anytime spent with the man I love isn’t time perfectly spent, but let’s face it, we’re in a rut. The date night box seemed the perfect and long overdue gift.

Once again I have Pinterest to thank for this inspiration, or should I say Pinspiration? It seemed easy enough, a box, some Jenga pieces, paint and glue. Piece of cake!

Not being a super crafty person I opted to do some decoupage and paint on the outside of my date night box rather than wrap it in fabric. I think it turned out rather nice.

I started out by creating a list of things we like to do, things we’ve never done and things we haven’t done in a long while. I separated them into 3 categories; over night, going out, and staying at home. I assigned a color to each category and painted blocks from a “Tumbling Towers” (a game like Jenga, but the blocks don’t have that pesky Jenga name emblazoned on them) in the assigned colors. These blocks would be glued inside the box lid to serve as a “key” to the dates.

Then I painted enough blocks for the dates in each category according to their assigned colors. The blocks only need to be painted on 3 sides and the ends.


The original pinner used a chalk-board paper, but I found this nifty chalkboard paper from Contact brand adhesive papers. I thought I was being clever here with the peel and stick feature, but sadly the adhesive is not as sticky as needed and peeled off rather easily, so I had to use Mod Podge to help it stick. No worries, it still worked. I glued the Contact paper to the unpainted side of the blocks. Then used a Chalkboard Paint Pen to write the “dates” on the blocks.


Then I carefully arranged them in the box. There you have it! Thirty-eight fresh date ideas! I’m looking forward to using this and I hope he will too!


As a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I made another for the family!


For several years now we’ve had a Family Funday Sunday. A day blocked out to do something as a family. Ours is set for the 3rd Sunday of each month and no one is allowed to plan anything else on that day. It started as a breakfast out at Flat Top Grill, where we found ourselves reconnecting, laughing and having a really good time with each other. No distractions, no rushing to get somewhere, just total relaxation and catch-up time with each other.

The Flat Top breakfast theme prevailed for a while and then we broke out into other adventures together but recently we’ve had a hard time coming up with something to do. SO, I made a Family Funday Sunday box for the family for Valentine’s day!

Last Family Funday the weather was far too cold to go out so we spent the day brainstorming things we’d like to do. I took notes and this was the basis for my list. I divided the ideas out into SEASONS for this one, some of the ideas being repeated in different seasons. The blocks were painted in seasonal colors and the ideas were written out and placed in the box!
Now we can take turns pulling ideas from the box when we need the inspiration! I can’t wait to use this one either! And I do not plan to limit it’s use to just Sunday’s, but to dip into it whenever we need some family time. 🙂

I hope that I’ve inspired you to put something together for your sweetheart or family. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion. EVERYDAY should be Valentine’s Day for those we love!



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