Starting Seeds

There may be a threat of snow for our area this week, but I know Spring is just around the corner because I started my pepper seeds yesterday! Nothing makes me happier than these weeks of late winter when it is time to start preparing the garden for our family.

If you are thinking of starting seeds here’s an easy way to do it without buying a lot of expensive kits or equipment.

Here’s what you will need:


First step is to mark and cut your toilet paper rolls to fit the plastic clam shell box.


Then arrange them in your clam shell and fill them with your starter soil. Water the soil slightly to help it stay in place.


Now plant your seeds. Read your packet to see what the sowing instructions are for your seeds. They will vary from seed to seed and even from each variety. The packet recommended surface planting or covering them slightly. Because these seeds respond more quickly when exposed to the light I planted them just on the top of the soil.

I want to have 3 to 4 healthy plants of each variety of pepper so I planted 2 seeds in each tube to increase my chances that all will have at least one sprout. Once the sprouts have a couple of true leaves, I will select the weaker or smaller of the two and pull it leaving the stronger plant to continue growing.


Now close the lid on your clam shell and place it on or in a basin of some sort. I have some growing flats but couldn’t figure out where the hubs put them so I covered a jelly roll pan with foil for the time being. Pour a little water in the pan. You want the seeds to soak up the water and make the tubes damp but you don’t want to over water them or the seeds will mold. The clam shell will act as your seed’s personal greenhouse!


So that I will not have to rely on my aging mind to know what I have growing I used first-aid tape to label my boxes.



Now put them in a sunny spot and wait for the sprouts. Once the sprouts  come up you will want to have a light ready to put on them. The hubs is rigging a shop light that can be raised and lowered for mine. I’ll post that process here when he gets it done!

Happy growing!


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