Today’s Lunch: Grilled Guacamole and Cheese

OK, so today’s lunch just sent me over the moon! It tasted SO GOOD. Fresh and delicious and I just had to share it with you all.


It’s no culinary fete by any means but the flavors were just so good together and it looked pretty too.

I simply spread the guacamole over the entire tortilla, then 2 slices of cheese, sliced tomatoes and fold it over. Popped it in the skillet with a little olive oil to toast it on both sides and we’re done!

I think part of what made it so tasty was my choice of ready-made guacamole:


I love this stuff because it tastes just like homemade! It truly has a fresh taste and I think this is why:


It’s got all the ingredients I would use at home and nothing I can’t pronounce! LOL! Plus it freezes well so I can buy it up on sale when I have coupons and put it away until I need to use it.

No matter your choice in guacamole though, you really need to try this sammy! It is so good. I think it would also be good with a smear of re-fried beans or smashed up black beans too! So many ways to do it!


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