What’s On Momma T’s Table the Week of 3/3/13?

My apologies for my absence. We’ve had a heck of a time with illnesses and most recently my year-and-a-half-old twin grandchildren were admitted to the hospital with RSV. One is now home but his sister remains in the PICU working on recovery. SO, we’ve been a little distracted to say the least. And let’s face it, we wouldn’t have stuck to any meal plan I had created with visits to the hospital thrown in anyway.

This week we’re finding our tastes are turning toward lighter fare. Even with 6″ of snow on the ground we still seem to be craving fish and grilled foods and lots of veggies. Funny how our bodies tend to do that isn’t it?

So, here’s the menu for the coming week:


Monday – Grilled Apple, Cranberry and Goat Cheese Sandwich with carrot sticks and hummus

Tuesday – Tuna and Tomato Sandwich with cottage cheese and peaches

Wednesday – Turkey, Tomato, Lettuce and Cheese Sandwich and Berries

Thursday – Humus and Veggie Pita with Cottage Cheese and Peaches

Friday – Grilled Turkey and Sun-dried Tomato Sandwich with Veggie Sticks


Sunday – Heart of Illinois Down Syndrome Association Spaghetti Supper (a family tradition!)

Monday – Orange Chicken over Steamed Rice.

Tuesday – Hamburgers, Cheesy Cauliflower Pancakes, Salad

Wednesday – Citrus Talapia over Wild Rice with Mushrooms, Broccoli Cheese Bites

Thursday – 4-H Meeting day so dinner’s got to take care of itself! Cranberry Roasted Tenderloin, Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes, Roasted Corn, Apple Sauce

Friday – OUT

Saturday – BBQ Chicken, Thinly Sliced Fried Potatoes, Roasted Broccoli

Sunday – Updated Version of Honey Lime Enchiladas YUM!

Hope you all have a wonderful week full of family and good food! Enjoy!




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