Spring is Sprouting All Over!

The first day of Spring has not yet arrived but we are in full preparation mode around the table! 🙂 I’m so excited! It would be safe to say I’m nothing less than GIDDY! 🙂

First off, we treated the ground around our ornamental plum tree this weekend with an systemic protect and feed formula. A Master Gardener at our local extension office recommended it for keeping the Japanese Beetle from stripping our tree of it’s beautiful leaves this spring. This is treatment is NOT recommended for bushes and trees that produce edible fruits. It is very easy to apply. Just a measurement of the tree’s trunk and mix it with water then pour on the ground at the “drip” line of the tree. The dripline is the area located directly under the outer circumference of the tree branches.


What will happen is, the insecticide will be drawn up into the root system of the tree then it will travel throughout the trees system, it’s leaves and it’s fruit. Then, when the nasty beetles show up to munch on my pretty purple leaves, they will die and my tree will have leaves for the first time since we planted it three years ago! I’m excited! It should also help to keep the nasty bugs from descending on other tasty tidbits in my garden this year.

It won’t keep them away completely, but if the “scout beetles” that are sent out get a bite of this tree and don’t return, the rest of them won’t know about the tasty delights growing in my garden. I will still have to be vigilant and walk my gardens early in the morning looking for more scouts on all of my plants this spring and killing the ones I find. My method of choice, knocking them into a jar of kerosene. I might, possibly have a tiny, little bit of anger pent up for these pests.

Next we’ve started scouting the PERFECT spot for our Purple Martin house. Need to get that assembled and up by the first of April! Time is ticking! Not only will it be a fun experience to attract these birds to our yard they will also help in controlling mosquitoes and other pests, including, yes, you guessed it, that nasty Japanese Beetle!

Finally, my seedlings are sprouting! Here you see the peppers and the tomatoes! They are looking good so far! Mmmm…I can almost taste them now!


I also started an Experimental Variety of tomato that Schumway Seeds sent me and today I started my Wonderberriy (aka) Sunberry plants! I’ve never grown them or tasted them but each year I like to try a couple of new things! This year it was Quinoa and Wonderberries.


As you can see, the clamshell containers make great little green houses!

So, Spring may be a week away, but it’s sprouting all over at Momma T’s place! 🙂 Can’t wait to get my toes in the dirt and start getting those garden beds ready! This time of year brings hope and happiness to my heart!


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