Making Lemonade!

The weather here in the Mid-West, has been unseasonably cold to say the least. Here we are just 6 days before Easter and we’re shoveling out from a 6.5″ snowfall we got over the weekend. It’s heavy, wet and overnight it got slick.. This means a Spring Snow Day for the kids.

It was tempting to sit on the couch and console ourselves with movies and the internet but this morning I got a little bug to do something different. Well, maybe not so different, but definitely old-fashioned, or maybe retro? Anyway you look at it, I feel I accomplished the nearly impossible. I got my 2 TEENAGERS to come out and play in the snow with me! IN THE MORNING! Yup. I’m feeling pretty cool. (OK, that could be my body still trying to shake the chill.)


OK so maybe they weren’t all happy about it to start with. The girl was certain she was doomed to die of hypothermia and the boy, well, I can’t quite explain his thought process, but he was certain that amnesia was his fate. But they soon adjusted.

We decided that in spite of the snow and the cold we could still decorate for Easter by building a snow bunny! Take that Winter! You’re not going to spoil our fun!


We started scooping our snow together into a big mound. While it packed well, it was just dry enough that it wouldn’t roll well. No worries though, we’ve got this.


Of course it didn’t take long for the silliness to start. The boy just had to make a “cold murder” snow scene.


Of course he also thought it smart to throw a snowball at the girl’s head. That turned out not to be his smartest move. Ha!


I think she put him in his place. But back to our bunny kids! Remember the bunny?

The bunny really began to take shape! Here are his ears.
And we really started to get to know him when we added Cherry Tomato eyes! 🙂
We went in to take a break and then we were back at it! This time we brought out supplies to make his whiskers, teeth and cups of colored water to “Spring” up our scene a bit! We cut a sponge into strips to help us apply the “paint”.
While the girl, who is our resident artist, sculpted our bunny’s details with a pair of safety scissors of all things, the boy and I painted the eggs we made to go around it, by simply tapping the sponge over the surface of the snow eggs. So easy!


We painted in a nose and the boy fitted our bunny with front teeth made from a Leek and we put in Soba noodles for whiskers!


Since his first crime scene took a hit during the snowball fight, the boy created a new one. Of course the boy had to put some finishing touches on it this time.


It took a little over 3 hours but we got it done. I think it looks GREAT and I think we stuck it to Mother Nature. We’re decorated and ready for Easter in spite of the winter weather! Best of all we had a GREAT time doing it TOGETHER! Cherished moments for sure!


Happy Easter from our home to yours!


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