Here’s What’s On Momma T’s Table The Week of 7/14/13

Even though I’ve not been on here posting, we’ve continued to plan menus and stick to it for the most part. Having the kids home I’ve been able to have them participate by having them plan and cook one meal a week each. They’ve done a good job too! This was The Boy’s contribution this week:


Pasta with meat sauce, Fresh Lettuce Salad with Cucumbers, Fruit Salad and Bread from Michael’s Italian Feast. A favorite carry out place of ours. It’s been good having their help of course, but I find they are learning about all that goes into a meal, the planning, the grocery list/shopping and the timing.

We’ve been a little more flexible on the lunches, but we still talk it out and plan a meal or two. We have a lot of free-style lunches though, mainly because there are more of us home and together we can clean up the leftovers. Much better than myself trying to clean up those leftovers alone.

We’ve also started throwing in a Gidget Sandwich day every now and then. We’ve been watching reruns of the Gidget show on the weekends and we really love it. One thing we’ve noticed is that in nearly every episode they were dragging out a tray of sandwich meats and cheeses from the refrigerator, along with the appropriate condiments and making a sandwich at any given moment! Now when we make a simple sandwich we call it a Gidget sandwich moment!

So, here’s a look at what’s on Momma T’s table THIS week:


Monday – Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Chips and Fruit Salad

Tuesday – Diner’s Choice

Wednesday – Gidget Sandwich Day

Thursday – Diner’s Choice for the Kids. I’m working so I’m packing a half a chicken sandwich, Vanilla Yogurt “parfait” with Granola and Berries, Sugar Peas, and Berries.

Friday – Leftovers Day


Sunday – We celebrated The Hubs’ birthday, belatedly, with brunch. We had the whole clan over so we had a lot of food: Granola with a variety of fruits and vanilla yogurt, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, “Cracker Barrel” Hash Brown Casserole and a variety of muffins and pastries. Milk (chocolate and white), Coffee/Tea, and Fresh Squeezed OJ to drink!

Monday – Hamburgers, Potatoes and Fruit Salad

Tuesday – The Boy’s Meal: Pasta with Meat Sauce, Salad, Fruit Salad and Bread

Wednesday – Beer Can Chicken, Boiled Potatoes and Green Beans from my garden!!!

Thursday – The Girl’s Meal: Chicken Terriyaki and Rice

Friday – Summer Spaghetti in Garlic Gravy with Chicken and Tomatoes

Saturday – Carne Asada Fries

Sunday – BBQ Sandwiches, Chips and Fresh Veggies

The following week will have us eating at the 4-H Fair Monday through Thursday. We will, as we usually do, pack in fruits and veggies to help cut some of the not-so-healthy-but-oh-so-yummy foods out there. There will be home made pie of course, we must have pie, and Pronto Pups and Pork Chop Sandwiches and well, you get the point.

Hope you have a fun and delicious week!



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