Kill It With Fire!

It’s Labor Day weekend! A time when families come together for a last hurrah of summer! A time when THIS family get’s some WORK done, or at least we get things going! Yes, every year, we tie into a major home improvement project.

Last year was a complete remodel of the bathroom. We stripped that one to the bare bones, studs and joists! It was an ugly job and took 9 months to finish. It’s called my baby for a reason! Like any good mom, I’ll make sure to post pics on that remodel soon. But here’s a little peek at what we did. It’s not for the week of heart.


Did I mention that this was our ONLY bathroom? The Hubs was amazing at keeping this bathroom functioning every step of the way though! 🙂

This Labor Day weekend we tie into the “front room”, so called because, quite frankly, it’s at the front of the house and it seems to serve no real purpose whatsoever and it is the only name we can come up with. It originally was where the beautiful front porch of this lovely old house was and somewhere along the line someone saw fit to knock off the porch and build this stupid room.


It’s use in this house has been as a play area for our kids when they were young, a computer room and a place to store our books and Paul’s collection of cars, etc. Basically, if we didn’t know where to put it, it ended up here. During the remodel of the dining room and this became a place to stash building supplies and the like. We are also storing a bunch of stuff for THIS remodel in this room. In short. The room is a mess!

One of the challenges we face with this room is that there is absolutely ZERO insulation in the walls. This coupled with the fact that there is one lonely little heat/cooling register in the room with inadequate duct work leading to it, means the room is warm in the summer and cold in the winter, thus the curtains we put up between this room and the “front room” to block the heat/cold from the rest of the house. When we put new car siding up outside of this addition, we put insulation board underneath of that which seems to have helped.

Because the addition was not properly joined to the house at the time it was put on, the roof has been known to leak at the point where the roof joins to the house and in a few other places. While we were finally able to get the leaks corrected, we still have some damage to ceiling tiles

We also need to figure out how to make this room function for 3 purposes:
1. a play area for the grand babies.
2. computer room
3. book nook

In a few years, when the kids are gone, we plan to move everything upstairs to their bedrooms and tear off this addition and put the porch back on. This is the dream! For this reason, we do not plan to put a lot of money into this fix up. We’ve picked up pieces to meet our needs here and there for little of nothing and plan to make new uses of the old pieces.

I’m looking forward to seeing it come together. I hope that you all will enjoy the journey too!


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