Kill It With Fire! The Update…

So here’s the update on this year’s project. If you will remember, we had a useless room that needed a good cleaning and a purpose. The objective, re-use/re-purpose as much of the “stuff” in there as we could giving the room a purpose and organization. 

We decided to start with what will undoubtedly be the focal point of the room. A window seat. I was inspired by this photo of a reading nook I found on Pinterest. This nook has built in shelving and woodwork that we could afford neither the time or the money to put together. We are, after all, doing all of this as a temporary fix you’ll remember. Eventually this will be a beautiful front porch stretching across the front of our house! 

So, here’s take on it:



Not bad, huh? We purchased 3 unfinished oak cabinets (30″x18″x12″) and lumber from Menard’s. The cabinets $48 each! We then placed 2 of the book cases we already had in there on either side of the window, on top of the base made by the cabinets and voila! Instant, cozy reading nook. OK, maybe not instant, there’s still a ways to go, but I can see it as though it were already finished. 

Dear Hubs used the lumber to lay out a base for the cabinets. He knew he had a certain amount of space to make up to get the book cases to touch the ceiling so he figured in the height of the cabinets and framed them in to make up the difference!





Making sure the cabinets were secured to each other as well as the framework is important for a stable base!



Now is as good a time as any to mention the electrical outlet situation in our house. You see, the house is over 120 years old so if each room has 2 outlets then we’re lucky! Not as many things to plug in back then you see. Now THIS room has an outlet about every 4-feet so we’re faced with a predicament with this piece. What to do about the 2 outlets we will cover over?


Fortunately The Hubs is VERY handy and has a plan to route these outlets to the sides of the window seat.



This guy’s a keeper for sure!


Next he added filler pieces to either end to close the gaps and a toe (or kick) plate. A nice piece of 3/4″ MDF on top and it was time to bring the book cases up to the top. These will be fixed to the wall with screws once we figure out what we are going to do about the ceiling. 

Unfortunately I was little help to him this weekend. I was sick with a cold and fever. 😦 I was able, however to inspect the work. It seems the perfect place to curl up and die, which at this point was about all that was on my mind.


In all seriousness, this is where I’ll be most every winter morning. That’s an Eastern exposure window there folks. 🙂

There is space to each side of this lovely centerpiece. On one side we will build a computer alcove and on the other a curtained closet space. A fun play area for our grandbabies will be put in this room too. Though I can see the grandbabies and I reading a lot of books right here in this lovely spot. 

As with any home improvement project in this old house, we run into unexpected, unanticipated speed bumps. This one we found behind one of the book cases:


We’re in the investigatory stages now, but we think this might be where our ant issues have been coming from. The Hubs tells me there will be drilling and spraying and scraping and probably cutting away of this section of the wall before we go any further.

Oh, I’m so excited…Anyone got a match?

Stay tuned!


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