What’s On Momma T’s Table THIS Week? A Heaping HELPing of Love!

I’ve been sick. All weekend sick. Fever, runny/stuffy nose, congestion, coughing, sneezing, laying-on-the-couch-praying-for-sweet-death sick. So, I don’t have menus to post for this week. Sorry. What I DO have is an amazing family to brag on and that’s just what I intend to do.

If you read my previous post, you know that Labor Day weekend is our weekend to kick off a much ignored home improvement project. The Hubs and I work together, argue together and eventually come together to make this improvement happen. This weekend it was all on The Hubs and he did an amazing job! He will tell you he didn’t get as far as he would have liked, but I will tell you he really got it done! He built a beautiful window seat and coated the front porch floor with 2 coats of light grey concrete paint and all while running The Girl to various different events and doing laundry and taking care of meals…and me.

He wasn’t alone in the meal and cleaning department either. My kids each jumped in and did their part, between homework and activities too. The girl made delicious patty melts one night and The Boy put together a delightful Cheese Burger Casserole. They are keeping the laundry going and even loaded the dishwasher a few times. 

All things they SHOULD do? Perhaps, but it means the world to me when they do it and do it willingly…or at least without being asked or told.

I think the thing that touched me the most during this illness has been that The Man went out and picked my garden every day. It’s not something that he usually does. As a matter of fact, most of the time I’m pretty sure that the garden really only holds importance with ME and that the others could take it or leave it. And most of the time I think they’d rather leave it. And that’s OK. I like having something to tend to and nurture.


But every day he made the trip in my place to weed and water and walk and pick the garden and that simple act made me so happy and truly eased my mind. It’s the simple things I guess. He’s out there right now doing it again. 

I have always told my kids that they need to be careful in how they treat each other. I tell them friends may come and go but FAMILY is forever and if they are kind and loving and helpful to each other, then they are never going to be alone when the chips are down. They will always have someone to turn to, someone who knows what they’ve been through and has been there through it with them. They will always have each other. I really believe that and have tried to impress that upon them every chance I get.

I also believe that when you get that helping hand you should always be grateful and not too particular in “how” things are getting done. That they are getting done at all is enough. You can sort the silverware drawer later. 🙂 This is something I have a very difficult time with. I don’t like to accept help in general, but help that might not be done the way I’D do it, well…that is a hard pill to swallow. But this weekend I accepted the help in the loving way it was given and I learned that LOVE is what it’s about. I do the things I do around here to show my love for them and they in turn do the same.

I’m grateful for my family, this weekend, this moment and always. May your tables be blessed as mine has been today my friends.


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