Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dip

It may not sound all that appetizing at first, but this delicious dip has been a favorite at the table for a long time. I first learned of it while doing a fitness challenge with my 4-H Club. It was the “Get Up and Move” campaign and the recipe was included healthy way to get kids to eat their fruits! The recipe can now be found on the University of Illinois Extension website here, as part of an interesting “Guide to Drug Free Parties for 5th-8th Graders.

It really does not matter what occasion you make this dip for, it just matters that you MAKE it. It pairs nicely with all sorts of fruit, but we enjoy it most with apples!



Best of all it’s SUPER easy to make! Just 4 ingredients: canned pumpkin, peanut butter, brown sugar and vanilla.


Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dip

3/4 C. Peanut Butter

3/4 C. Canned Pumpkin

3/4 C. Brown Sugar

1/2 tsp. Vanilla

Put all of your ingredients into a bowl, mix and enjoy! It’s that simple. I think a little cinnamon would be good too! – Makes 20-24 1 Tablespoon servings.



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