Nightmare Before Christmas Dragon Fountain

I’m still here! We’ve been incredibly busy with work and play, but I’m still here! And happy to have a “down” day to bring you up to date on our Nightmare Before Christmas!, starting with the fountain!


This post is being co-written by the Hubs, as he did all of the work and interpretation of The Girl’s vision, and I will say up front, that it helps to have a husband with access to a water jet. It helps A LOT. 

He started by taking down the infested Plum Tree in the front yard! This is when The Girl saw potential for that spot! The PERFECT place for her favorite piece…the fountain that dad promised last year, he’d build for her “next year”.  How fortunate for her that the Plum tree gave up it’s spot.


This is LOVE folks!

Next thing I knew he was building this:




He tells me it was built with scrap lumber from an old crate and as you can see, he worked day and night. 🙂 He really did work a lot on this and other creations, from the time he got off work until 9 or so at night. 

For dimensions he said he just “eyeballed it” but each panel measures 46″ at the top 30″ at the bottom and are about 28″ tall. Each panel is “slightly different” to give a “funky” shape to the fountain. 

Once the base of the fountain was completed he created the dragon. This is where that water jet access comes in handy. He drew it up on the computer and after approval from The Girl, cut it out on scrap plywood. He says it could just as easily be done by drawing it out on plywood and cutting it with a jigsaw. He measures 30″ wide and 40″ tall.

He connected the 2 identical sides with blocks of various widths, bringing the tail pieces closer together and widening things out toward the top to give the illusion of depth and dimension. He’s a detail fella I tell ya! 


The entire dragon ensemble is then placed on a post with a base like this:



We added rope lights between the two sides to create the illusion of the glowing, green slime that flows in the fountain, but this wasn’t good enough for The Hubs, so we were off to Menard’s!

Thankfully the stores are FULL of Christmas stuff (yeah, I can’t believe I said it either) so we were able to find a 150-ct. string of multi-function WHITE Christmas lights that has a chasing function to provide movement like flowing slime. Pairing that with some bright green spray paint and 4″ plastic dryer ducting tube he came up with this:


He spray painted the inside of the base with florescent green spray paint and the outside with black, light gray, and dark gray paint to give an illusion of stone. Then he mounted 2 green 40-watt bulbs to the inside of the base to give that illusion of eerie green slime in the fountain.

This piece has really brought a lot of attention to the yard. The young ones can hardly wait for us to finish everything and the adults are equally as interested in what’s next! It’s going to be a good year all around I think!



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