THIS is Halloween. Our Nightmare Realized!

Well, it’s finally here. The night of goblins, ghouls, ghosts, fairies and ballerinas. The most wonderful night of the year! Halloween! (insert flashes of light and crashes of thunder). Unfortunately, our night here in the Midwest has been rather soggy and not at all suitable for the traditional tricks and treats. Yep, we’ve been rained out. But not before we got some pictures of those things we were able to finish for our Nightmare Before Halloween landscape. I thought tonight, I’d treat you all to a little walk through our fantasy.


Mayor of Halloween Town welcomes you!


Oogie Boogie took a little time to get just right. He’s 6 foot tall and made from a chicken wire frame with a set of green LED lights hanging down through the center and then we covered him in cheese cloth. He’s tall and wide and finding a way to support him without creating a frame that would have messed with the free-form illusion was difficult, but The Hubs figured it out.


Of course the fountain is a big attention-getter. The hubs added a smoke machine that blows smoke filled bubbles. Quite cool indeed. Unfortunately the lights, that have worked flawlessly for 2 weeks, shorted out and blew a fuse, creating more of a lightening effect rather than a flowing effect. Gremlins I say! Still, a wonderful addition to our set this year!


Our graveyard. It is slated for major updates next year. More tomb stones and a floating Zero. for now, we found it a neat way to welcome our guests as they approached the house from the south.


The kids and the tub headed North to find Sandy Claws.


Guess we’ll have to start that countdown to Christmas now.


This is our pumpkin king’s head. Unfortunately the turn in the weather came along before we could get out and put the rest of him together.


The gargoyles on the porch!


Our Monster Under the Stairs! Eek! 


And of course, our man Jack!

And the Hubs and I made this mess…


So that I could make THIS:



I saw this several years ago in a Martha Steward Living Magazine and I’ve wanted to do it ever since. The cost of the pumpkins have always been a deterrent but this year, this year we were able to swing it with $3 pumpkins from a local farmer. Bonus: the day we bought our pumpkins, they were donating $1 from every pumpkin sold to Breast Cancer Research! Always nice to work a good cause into the festivities!

We’ve already begun planning for next year. Dr. Finklestein is almost ready to go. I’m thinking he’ll need a laboratory too. One of the mom’s tonight said she wanted to see a Sally out in our yard next year. We aim to please and will make it happen! 🙂 We also plan to start adding some of the secondary characters. Hitting those after Halloween sales this weekend to start gathering our supplies! 

We really do enjoy Halloween around here. Our talk around the table will probably center around this experience and what we will do next year. It’s fun to work on the decoration as a family, but it’s GREAT fun to watch other families explore and enjoy our work. 🙂

Now…to figure out the transition to Christmas…



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