What’s On Momma T’s Table the Week of 11/3/13

Hey there! Remember me? I’m back and I must say it’s good to be back home full time. I know a lot of mom’s work outside the home and inside as well, but I must say, it was not for me, or perhaps it was that desk work was not my style. I’m used to being on the move. As a matter of fact, I find it such a funny thing that it’s called “STAY” at home mom, as I rarely stay in any one place for long in my typical day. Anyway, hats off to those of you who keep things going on the inside and out!

I will say the troops handled it well. The Boy continued to cook on Thursdays, we continued to plan our meals, even though they did not get posted and everyone worked together when they got home to make sure dinner was ready to hit the table by 5:00 most nights so that The Girl or The Boy could get to wherever they needed to be. There were few dinners out and we met around that table, for however long we had. I feel good about that.

OH how I missed my kitchen! I’m enjoying getting back in the groove of that cooking thing! 🙂 Sure, I cooked before, but let’s face it, cooking dinner at 6 in the morning just doesn’t quite do it…at least not for me. It’s a well known fact that I shouldn’t be near flame at that hour.

As well as it all went, I must say that my second night in the kitchen did not go off without a hitch. I was not able to get dinner on the table in time for everyone to eat. In my defense, the chicken just wasn’t cooperating and after an hour and fifteen minutes in a 400-degree oven, it just wasn’t done. At least we had enough leftovers that no one went out the door hungry.

So, that was our little “experiment” into working having me work full time. Ernie has put in his two-cents and seems to be happy to have me back home full time, he hasn’t left my side for the last two days. 🙂


I think the others are happy too. I know I’m happy to be back where I belong.

Now, getting back to the post at hand, here’s what’s on Momma T’s Table this week:


Sunday – Doughnuts

Saturday – French Toast


Sunday – Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup with Gnocci

Monday – Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

Tuesday – Leftover Chicken Piccata

Wednesday – Grilled Apple, Chicken and Cheddar Sandwich, Green Pepper Strips and Hummus

Thursday – Salad made from leftover Salmon and Quinoa and Veggies

Friday – Leftover Ravioli Casserole

Saturday – Out 


Sunday – Out

Monday – The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Piccata

Tuesday – Crispy Mustard Chicken and Veggies

Wednesday – The Girl’s Birthday! Asian Salmon and Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables

Thursday – The Boy’s meal, Ravioli Casserole in the crock pot

Friday – Burgers, roasted potatoes and fried cabbage

Saturday – Chicken and Dumplings with Mashed Potatoes



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