What’s On Momma T’s Table this Week (1/11/14) the Frozen Tundra Edition

I’ve been away enjoying the rest of the kids extended Christmas Vacation, extended due to record-breaking, frigid temperatures in the negative double digits. (We were actually colder than Alaska at one point!) It got so cold the light switch in our laundry room froze!   If you know me, you know that the cold was not a pleasure for me. Neither was the snow. I hate the cold and the snow and everything else that goes with the season of winter. It is my theory that I was to be born in a more temperate zone on this planet. I don’t know what happened, maybe the stork’s GPS was broken, but whatever the case, each passing winter seems to be more punishing on my body and soul. I hate being cold and I miss my gardens most of all at this time. I also hated that the furnace ran constantly. Thankfully we have warmed up into the 30’s (that’s degrees F)! It rained and rained yesterday but today we have beautiful sunshine! 


OK, enough whining. We survived the horrid temperatures and the nasty white stuff and The Girl finally went back to school 2 days later than she was supposed to and we are settling into the regularly scheduled chaos of the house. Here’s to after school activities and booked weekends for the next few weeks. :p People tell me I will miss this time when all of the kids are out on their own. I don’t know, I think The Man and I will have plenty more to keep us busy when we want to be. I certainly want to give it a chance anyway.

We enjoyed our down time playing games, watching old Newhart shows (“Hi! I’m Larry. This is my brother Darrell and this is my other brother Darrell!”) and we watched a few movies and snuggled in. We ate of course. Anything but turkey or ham. We all noted that we had all tired of most foods, but Chex Mix seemed to be one thing that no one was tired of  and we munched our way through 2 GIANT bowls of it over the frigid weekend. It’s so much better homemade and the house smells wonderful while it’s baking, Not to mention, having the oven on helped make it warmer!



As I said earlier, we are plunging into a more typical week. Our evenings and weekends will be come more busy and we will be on the run. Time to put quick-prep meals and meals that will hold over on the menu. We hoping to hold onto some of the fun though and continue playing games and watching good movies together. Striking that balance isn’t always easy, but we are going to try, and having a good meal plan should help with that. So, here’s what’s on Momma T’s table this week:


Saturday – Bacon, eggs, skillet potatoes and toast

Sunday – Pancakes

Saturday – Cinnamon Rolls


Saturday – Stuffed Sandwiches

Sunday – Leftovers

Monday – Pasta a la Momma

Tuesday – Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Spinach and Tomato, Cottage Cheese

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Pork Sandwiches, Fruit and Milk

Friday – Leftover Ravioli Casserole


Saturday – Lasagna and Green Beans

Sunday – Nachos

Monday – Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes and Asparagus

Tuesday – Hamburgers and Roasted Potatoes

Wednesday – Pork Loin Roast, Baked Potatoes and Salad

Thursday – Ravioli Lasagna Casserole

Friday – Chili Dogs and Chips

Saturday – Killer Club Sandwiches

We’re looking at a yummy week ahead! I hope that you week is as tasty and fun!


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