What’s on Momma T’s Table the Week of 1/19/14

Yesterday was Family Funday Sunday so I didn’t get on here to update. We had a wonderful time with the family though. All of the kids and grandkids came to Yaya’s house for brunch then we had a Wii Sports Tournament complete with brackets. We competed in Boxing, Bowling and Tennis then we danced around and had lots of fun with the grandbabies with Wii Just Dance 4. The little ones were so cute! It was a fun filled way to spend a cold January day!

I also did something outside of my comfort zone this weekend. On Saturday I went to my favorite consignment shop, Castaway’s Consignment, where, along with my best friend, I signed up to take part in their “Biggest Loser” contest. See, I’ve always been rather private about my weight. I don’t really want anyone else in my business. Truth is, I don’t want anyone else to know how far out of control my weight has gotten. Shoot, I don’t even know the “number” as I’ve not been on a scale in nearly a year. All I know is the last time I did weigh myself, it was the heaviest I’ve ever been, including any of my pregnancies. 

I’ve tried many times to take it off myself, to make myself get up and move but without accountability, I’ve failed every time, but I WANT to take it off now. I don’t feel well, I don’t feel energy, I don’t feel good about myself right now and I want THAT to change. So, with the help of my BFF since Kindergarten and the accountability of the loving people at Castaway’s I am going to try this group method of kick-starting a lifestyle change. I paid my fee and my first weigh-in is this upcoming Saturday. The day of reckoning.

I’m spending this week planning my attack. I’m not planning to do a “diet”. Those never work. I’ve got an entire family to feed, each with their own dietary needs so the only way to truly “diet” would be to cook two meals or to deprive the others of things they want/need. Instead my approach goes back to something the dietitian told me when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes 18 years ago: “Eat foods that can remember where they come from.” In other words, eat your foods in their simplest, most natural forms possible. The more processed a food is, the easier the body can digest it and place it into your system. If it happens too quickly, your blood sugars rise and the body will store the excess sugars in your body’s fat. So, processed foods are out, but fresh fruits and veggies and potatoes with the skins on and cuts of meat that look like the actual muscle of the beasts they come from are in!  

This really isn’t far from the way I cook anyway but portion control is something I don’t always pay attention to either. If I want more, I tell myself it’s OK because it’s not that unhealthy. No more of that. The other thing I know about eating right is that you have to watch your serving sizes and combine foods in such a way as to keep you from feeling hungry between meals or snacks. SO all of my meals will be balanced out in accordance to the My Plate guidelines. In fact, if you go on their website you will find a great deal of information on eating right including a SuperTracker where you can track your intake, your exercise, your weight and other goals you set for yourself! I’ve signed up for that and plan to utilize their tools as well. They have given me a meal plan so that I know how many servings of each food I need in a given meal or snack throughout my day to meet the daily requirements. I like a good list and this will help keep me on track. 

I’m going to add more movement too. While I’m a busy girl, I can spend a lot of that busy time at the computer working on projects and not as much on my feet with purposeful movement. In the winter it is even worse because I can’t get outside on a daily basis and I don’t have any gardening to do. It’s so easy to stay in my PJ’s and snuggle the dog on the couch when it is cold too. So, this week the treadmill in our bedroom get’s dusted off and my yoga mat and my weights come out and I have set a goal for 40 min. a day of purposeful movement. 

So, I’m eating better, I’m controlling my portions and I’m moving. I will be making much more detailed menus too. The hardest part of all will be cooking breakfast or making something other than a bowl of cereal. I’m not at my sharpest in the wee hours of the morning, but I’m hoping with a menu plan that spells it all out and is posted that I can prepare the ingredients to some extent the night before. 

At any rate, I’m working on a plan and I’m stepping out of my box. I am not looking forward to the first weigh-in and I think I will probably fear the next one too, but I am ready for a change. My body is ready for a change and it’s telling me so with every ache, pain and winded walk up the stairs. I am owning up to my issue, recognizing what path brought me here and making purposeful strides toward getting on a new, healthier path. I may not bee the Biggest Loser, but I’ll be happy to lose what weight I can lose in the 10 weeks the contest runs and to change my habits for the better. I will continue to share my progress with you and yes, I am even going to share that dreaded number with you. I hope that sharing my experience will help some of you to step outside your comfort zones too. I hope it’s a positive adventure for us all!

In the meantime, I find myself getting some nibbles of those things I know I’m going to have to turn my back on at least until I get a grip on eating well again. Yesterday’s brunch was one of those meals, with Mimosa’s and all sorts of sweets and Steak House Chex Mix….OH Chex Mix… There are a couple of other splurges in store, like going out for my favorite Black and Bleu Steak salad and Margarita. Ah…parting is such sweet sorrow. I am also starting to introduce healthier things back into my winter diet as well so hopefully the transition will be a smooth one. 🙂

Here’s what’s on Momma T’s Table this week…


Sunday – Family Funday Sunday brunch

Saturday – Homemade egg muffin sandwiches (mine will have 1 poached egg, slice of tomato on 1/2 of a wheat English muffin with an 8 oz glass of skim milk) And yes, I like poached eggs. 🙂


Monday – Hotdogs

Tuesday –  Egg and veggie quesadillas.

Wednesday – Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

Thursday – Pizza and Salad

Friday – Egg Sandwiches

Saturday – Grilled chicken breast on whole wheat bread with 1/2 Cup grapes, 1/2 Cup Cherry tomatoes 1 C. Fat Free Cottage Cheese


Sunday – Hamburgers and Salad

Monday – Spaghetti, with meat sauce and Salad

Tuesday – Glazed chicken with Rice and Broccoli

Wednesday – Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches and Salad

Thursday – The Boy is cooking Lemon Chicken Pasta

Friday – OUT!

Saturday – 2 oz.Talapia, 3/4 C. Quinoa Pilaf with Mushrooms, 1 C. Roasted Asparagus, 1 C Mixed Berries with Plain Yogurt and 1 tsp Honey

So, we’ll see how things go. The moment of truth is only 5 days away! I will continue to put my plan in place in the coming days and I WILL lose this weight and get healthier. Here goes nothing! Right? 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicola O. says:

    Pizza and cheesy foods are my diet Kryptonite. I’ll be cheering you on!


    1. Thanks friend! Pizza and cheesy foods and potatoes and creamy foods and sweets are my kryptonite. I’ve got quite a battle ahead of me. I also eat from boredom and stress and nerves and when I’m happy and when I’m sad so….yeah. Today has been a rather rough day of stuffing too. I’ve got my work cut out for me but I’m ready and I think that is half the battle. 🙂


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