Meeting the Challenges and Melting Away the Pounds: What’s On Momma T’s Table the Week of 2/9/14

Well, we’ve reached the 2 week mark and first weigh-in of my weight loss adventure. I think things are going pretty well. I ate right, made some adjustments to the plan as I went along. I accomplished 2 of my goals: to get my 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and to be able to button the middle button on my coat. That feels good. My next goal is to be able to get my Mothers Ring back on my ring finger.


I faced some challenges along the way and overcame them the best way I knew how. The first of those challenges was Super Bowl. We had not planned on having a party. I was just going to make some Taco Soup and watch the game, but we ended up having the kids and grand kids over (no complaints here), so I ended up making more food and they brought this:


Yes, that’s Flour-less Chocolate G’nosh cake and a triple layer torte with creme filling and I did not eat a bit of it! People, I have to want this weight off a WHOLE lot to pass this up! Chocolate is my drug. But, I made a plan and I stuck to that plan because I promised myself I would.

So the two big bowls of Chex Mix, the chicken strips, the cakes, etc were all off limits, but I made sure that there were tasty bites for me to have too. There were two trays of fruit and veggies and I allowed myself a taste, 2 wing sections, of my Baked BBQ’d chicken wings. I also switched things up in the taco soup, substituting 1/2 C. of Bulgar Wheat for the ground beef to bring down the fat and calories a bit. By the way, Bulgar Wheat is a simple way to replace meat in soups and stews. It’s parboiled so it cooks quick and can be added in about 15 minutes before the dish is done cooking. It’s good for you too!

I believe this little lady might have helped me too! This is my granddaughter and she has been on a feeding tube since her birth 2.5 years ago. The same week that I started eating less, she started taking in all of her food by mouth for the first time! Yep, she’s balancing out the consumption scale by eating what Yaya doesn’t! ❤ No way I can fail now!

Lillian Eating!

Another challenge met was exercising in the early morning. It’s just not going to happen while trying to make my carefully metered out breakfast and lunch, get ready for work, compete for the bathroom and get out the door, that was made very clear early on. What was I going to do? I had planned to work out twice daily, but I’m working outside the house right now. If I don’t work out in the early morning, how will I get 2 workouts in? Walk during my lunch hour! I have a full hour for lunch and I’ve never known what to do with that extra 45 minutes until now! Now I put on my tennies and start walking, around the conference room, through the hall, through the kitchen/workroom, down the hall, through reception and back to the conference room! It’s not a large circuit, but it’s movement and movement makes a difference!

This last week has brought the challenge of respiratory flu. This week I spent on the couch, my only movement/activity, chills and coughing and sneezing. What’s worse, I went back to work too soon and relapsed. I also had no appetite but I knew that I had to feed my body something to get well and so that I wouldn’t come out of this ravenous and then eat my way back to whatever weight I had lost. So, I was more careful with my planning and measurements, making sure I got SOME protein, SOME fruits and SOME veggies each day. I found dairy gunked my throat up, so I left that out for a while. Still, I tried to get SOME of all of the food groups in each day, even if it wasn’t a full day’s requirement.

I guess it all worked because this is what the scale said at weigh-in this week:


That’s right, 6.5 lbs down! Next time I step on the scale, I’ll be in the 130’s! I’m very pleased! I’m thankful for those who have supported me as well! Your kind words and cheering have helped me to believe that I CAN do this.

Some of you have told me that I have inspired you to start your own journey. I have to say, that’s a pretty humbling thing for me. I love that I can be a catalyst, but it is ominous to have people looking at my path to start their own. It also helps me to keep my steps true. We can do this together though and I like that I’m not alone in the journey!

So, here’s this week’s picture. Not as embarrassed by this one, but there’s still work to do and I hope you see less of me in two weeks!

Me, 2 weeks in.

The coming week will bring it’s own challenges. Not the least of which is my oldest son’s and my birthday. We were born on the same day and it falls on Family Funday Sunday. Challenges will include food. Food is my favorite way of celebrating. It’s going to require some thought, but I will figure it out. I will meet these challenges as I met the others and it will all be OK. That’s the promise I’m making to myself this week!

So, here’s


Saturday – Fruit and Fat Free Plain Yogurt

Sunday – Egg Sandwiches and Milk

Monday – Toast with Almond Butter and Milk

Tuesday – Oatmeal with blueberries and Milk

Wednesday – Toast with hummus and Milk

Thursday – Poached Eggs, Toast and Milk

Friday – Oatmeal with bananas and Milk

Saturday – Omelette and Milk


Saturday – Leftovers

Sunday – Sandwiches, veggies, fruit, Milk

Monday – Chicken and Fruit Salad

Tuesday – Whole wheat Pita, Hummus, Leftover Roasted Cauliflower, Fruit and nuts

Wednesday – Baked Sweet Potato with capers, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Dried Cranberries and left over cous-cous

Thursday – Salad with grilled chicken, Almonds, and dried cranberries

Friday – Leftover gnocci, Apple slices, cottage cheese

Saturday – Veggies and Hummus and Milk


Saturday – Half-hour Chili

Sunday – Baked Dijon Chicken with Broccoli Salad and Creamy Feta Dressing

Monday – BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Balsamic-Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

Tuesday – Baked Cod with Caper, Olive and Tomato Tampinade and Israeli Cous-cous

Wednesday – Spinach and Bean Burritos

Thursday – Gnocci with White Beans and Kale

Friday – Tilapia Corn Chowder

Saturday – Red Robin (testing the boundaries?)

Here’s to you and your table. May you have success at whatever you are striving for!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz Hunt says:

    Awesome job! You should be so proud of yourself! I can tell a difference in your picture this week; keep up the good job with your life change!


    1. Thanks Liz, I will certainly try!


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