What’s On Momma T’s Table the Week of 2/16/14

This week finds me back at my original full-time job of Domestic Goddess and all of the glamour that goes with it! Dishes, laundry and cleaning! I’m glad to be back home and my first day back home has left me anything but bored.

Here in our little patch of the mid-west we are just inches away from breaking the record of the snowiest winter on record. Ever. It’s still very possible we will, but today brings warmer temperatures (40’s) and that brings thawing, icicles crashing to the ground and flooding. Thankfully we’ve not had any flooding but I did tend to the chore of clearing all of my downspouts so that as the ice in the eves and the snow on the roof melt it will have somewhere to go other than my basement. This proved to be quite the workout as I waded through snow up to my knees! Whatever it takes right?

This morning we were also greeted with water bubbling out onto the road from a broken water main. I went into action, preparing for the water to be shut off, filling my largest pots with water.  I filled the bathtub with water too so that we would have water to flush with.  J I watched as they scrambled about digging out the shut off valve for the water, knowing I was ready, but it never did get shut off. The empty house across the street, however, has a nice big hole in the entrance to the driveway with a big pipe sticking out of it. Something tells me this case is not closed.

I’ve enjoyed getting caught up on chores and house cleaning too. My house and my family needed me and that makes me happy. I am also happy to have more time to prepare meals. I made a beautiful and delicious pear salad for lunch. It was SO yummy!


The eating and exercise has been going pretty well with one exception. Last Sunday was mine and my oldest son’s birthday. I allowed myself a splurge and had a piece of Key Lime pie. That slice of pie had 500 sugary calories and was I ever sick after I ate it. Lesson learned. If I must splurge, maybe Angel Food Cake would be a better choice. J The take away I got from this experience though was to allow myself the grace to mess up. I’m human, it’s going to happen. The thing that is most important is that I get back up and do better the next day. And I have.

This week, as I approach my second weigh-in, I am looking at ways to mix it up when it comes to my workout. I have found that while walking is still giving me benefit and I am getting stronger and going longer, but I’m also getting bored and I find that JUST walking does not give me a full body workout. So I’ve added some strength yoga and I’m going to throw in the Just Dance/Just Sweat routine on the Wii for starters.

I’m also curious as to how being at home is going to affect my diet. I’m concerned about grazing and snacking without thinking about what I’m doing. I’ve got easier access to food after all. I figure this will be my greatest challenge this week, but I will do it!

I’m proud to report that tonight, as one by one my family members called in absent for dinner, I was able to produce a tasty and healthy dinner for JUST ME! It’s so hard for me to cook just for myself. It just seems silly to go to all that trouble, but it is worth the trouble, rather I’M worth the trouble. So tonight I whipped up a carefully measured out portion of Pasta a la Momma for ONE! 


Keeping with the healthy living has brought a lot of benefits aside from weight loss. My energy levels are up, I sleep better and I haven’t experienced any heartburn since I started taking better care of myself. Those things alone are enough to keep me on the path.  So, in the interest of better health, here’s what’s on Momma T’s Table THIS week:


SundayVeggie Omelet and Milk

Monday – Oatmeal with blueberries (tastes like a blueberry muffin! YUM!) and Milk

Tuesday – Toast with Almond Butter and Milk

Wednesday – Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Thursday – Homemade Honey Granola and Milk

Friday – Egg Sandwich and Milk

Saturday – Poached Eggs and toast with Milk


Monday – Almond Butter on Toast with a Peach and Milk

Tuesday – Pear and Feta Salad with Almonds

Wednesday – Salmon and Crispy Chick Pea salad

Thursday – Green Goddess Salad

Friday – Pita Pizza

Saturday – Sandwiches


Monday – Salmon, Asparagus and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Tuesday – Pasta a la Momma for ONE!

Wednesday – Oven-baked Fajitas

Thursday – The Boy has no plan…frightening!

Friday – Pork Chops, Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Homemade Apple Sauce

Saturday – Pasta with Mushroom Ragu

I hope that my stories and my menus inspire you, help you to plan for your family and amuse you. I really enjoy spending time here at my blog home and look forward to planning my posts for you. Have a great week!


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