Busy, Busy, Busy! What’s On Momma T’s Table the Week of 3/16/14 And Then Some

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a bit. Last weekend I had the best intentions of getting on here and sharing my weigh-in, my menus and all of the fun in our week, but it’s been a busy week and I’ve not had much time to sit down, much less compose. 🙂 But never fear, I’m here now.

Today, I am recuperating from a visit from my three, beautiful, active grandchildren so I’m taking some time to do some computer work, including this post. Yesterday (Wed.) was a test of my hard work and good eating habits. I’m happy to report that I was able to keep  up to the twins BETTER than in the past. They tested my stamina for sure, and my strength, but I held my own pretty well and am only mildly fatigued today! They are bundles of energy and joy! I’m glad I chose to get healthier so that I can be a better Yaya for them.

I’m also happy to report that Lillian is still eating well. You may remember she has taken 100% of her nutrition through a g-tube since birth (2.5 years) until I started my weight loss journey, and she decided to start taking all of her meals by mouth. The docs say if she goes 3 months this way she will get to have the g-tube port removed! She’s half-way there!!

I got to give Phillip his first hair cut yesterday too! He looks so handsome and grown up now. And 3-month-old Walter is eating well too! Love these three kids to pieces!!


As I mentioned, my weigh-in was last Saturday (March 8). If you will remember, the weigh-in two weeks before that was not too impressive in the way of numbers, but then, it’s not about the numbers. This time it was another small-ish loss (2.6 lbs) but over all, it brought me to the 10 lb mark! That’s right, 10 lbs LOST! GONE! B-bye!


This has also brought about a new milestone of being able to pull the size 8 jeans out of the drawer! They are not a perfect fit, but they are comfortable and I can’t put both of my arms in the pants along with the rest of me as I could my size 10’s.

But remember, it’s not about numbers. I’m also feeling more fit! I’m also finding that I enjoy my healthy foods and cooking at home more than eating out. As a matter of fact, I find myself getting rather agitated at the lack of REALLY healthy choices when I go out. Where’s the fruit? Where are the healthy veggies? I know…not what most diners go out to dinner for. I am glad that I’m no longer missing or craving the bad stuff though….well, with the exception of sweets.

This week I also decided to start shedding the lbs of “STUFF” in my home. As I was scrolling through my fb newsfeed last week, I came across the “40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge”. Ann Marie over at White House, Black Shutters is inspiring everyone to join her as we “decrapify” our homes together for the next 40 days. So, I’m 7 bags in and most of that just came from my kitchen/laundry room and pantry. What a relief! My kitchen counters are clear, my laundry room is BETTER and over all, I feel more energetic and, yes, TALLER when I enter these decrapified areas! This is a big deal for a 4’11” woman! I encourage you to go over to Ann Marie’s website and join us! It’s liberating!

Let’s see…what else is new? The Girl finished her play and competed in Solo and Ensemble this weekend. The Boy got a roll in a one-act play at his Jr. College. The Man spent about a week working on my van to make it road worthy again. Then, the epic visit from those grandbabies! (So grateful he’s handy with the vehicles.) We picked up our half-hog from the meat locker this weekend. Looking forward to cooking out delicious pork chops soon.


Speaking of cooking out, we fired up the grill for the first time this season on Monday. We reached nearly 60-degrees here that day so I fired up the grill and made some delicious, hamburgers! YUMMY! Oh how I’ve missed the flavor of meat grilled over the coals! This will also have to do for my after picture this week as I didn’t stand still enough on Saturday for anyone to get one. Sorry about the jacket, it may have been 60, but on the north side of the house, standing on a chunk of ice, it was still a little chilly. As you can see though, the coat is pretty baggy on me, as are the pants! 🙂


We plan to cook out again on Friday too. Those pork chops I spoke of will be making their debut on the grill this time! As I mentioned, we’re facing another busy week so I’m trying to be ready for it. This weekend we will be attending our favorite community auction in Glasford. We love this community auction for the funky things we find and the deals we often make on things to help us continue our projects here. I’ve even made a list of things I’m looking for to help me complete some Pinterest ideas! Sunday is Family Funday Sunday so we’ll be on the move all weekend.

Before I go into the rest of the menu, I’d like to share with you a wonderful low-carb alternative to fried chicken and our family LOVES it! It’s called Pecan Crusted Chicken and it is crunchy, and juicy and delicious and easy on the diet too! Here’s the link to the recipe!

Speaking of what’s on the grill, here’s what’s on Momma T’s Table the rest of this week and next week too!


Thursday – Cheerios and milk (hey, I was tired this morning)

Friday – Toast and Almond Butter with Milk

Saturday – 2 eggs poached and Wheat Toast

Sunday – Doughnuts and milk (don’t start, they are fundraiser doughnuts and I’ve carved out a little space in my diet for a cheat.)

Monday – Mushroom and Pepper Omelet

Tuesday – Grilled Turkey and Tomato Sandwich and Milk

Wednesday – Toast and Almond Butter and Milk

Thursday – Oatmeal and Fruit

Friday – Egg Sandwich and Milk

Saturday – Ciabatta French Toast


Thursday – 6″ Subway Veggie Delight on Honey Wheat, no cheese, no dressings

Friday – Left over chicken atop a bed of greens and mini bell peppers

Saturday – Auction food…probably a pork chop sandwich and an apple

Sunday – Pizza

Monday – Almond Butter Sandwich and Fruit Salad

Tuesday – Roasted Asparagus, Tomato and Penne Salad

Wednesday – Strawberry, Poppy Seed Chopped Salad

Thursday – Almond, Chicken Salad with Asparagus

Friday – Roasted Veggie Salad

Saturday – Out


Thursday – Crispy Gnocci with Pesto, Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Friday – Grilled Pork Chops with Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus and Apple Sauce

Saturday – Out

Sunday – Broiled Talapia Parmesan with Brown Rice and Broccoli

Monday – Corned Beef Sandwiches on Pretzel Buns, Roasted Cabbage Wedges and Roasted Potatoes

Tuesday – Chicken and Snap Pea Stir-fry over Angel Hair Pasta

Wednesday – Maple Glazed Salmon with Mushroom Cous-cous

Thursday – The Boy’s Lemon Chicken Pasta

Friday – Grilled Chicken, Tomato and Pesto Baguettes with Roasted Broccoli

Saturday – Tortellini with Mushrooms and Pancetta

I don’t know about you but I’m hungry! Here’s to a happy and healthy week ahead for each of you. Take time to enjoy those around you.


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