Special Moments Around the Table! OR Wow! What a Week!

It’s been a momentous week around the table this week. The Boy is back to his regular routines. No more 12 to 14 hour days for him anymore! He opened in Avenue Q last weekend and has enjoyed meals around the table with us. The Girl is picking up in activity now but she’s still at home around the table with us for meals, even if we have to wait some of them on her and eat late. She has also auditioned for the top concert band at school and we await the results of that audition with great anticipation…and maybe a little comfort food too. 🙂

Perhaps the most momentous occasion this week did not take place around our usual family table, but around our dining room table. I’m not sure you all have met this table yet, it belonged to my paternal Grandmother and my dad has told me of the times, as a child, that he would play beneath the table, his personal fortress. In it’s 80 + years, this table has seen it’s share of family dinners, birthday parties and celebrations. I’m sure there have been many conversations around this table, both happy and sad, planning and praying and all the things that happen. I’m certain of these things because I know many of them happened in the time this table has been in my possession, but I’m certain that these things happened in its life before it came to me. It’s a beautiful table and it is full of my families history and that makes it special to me.

This week, yesterday as a matter of fact, the Oldest Son, signed papers to begin the process of buying his first home, and he sat right here at this very special table with his Realtor to do it! While this is just the beginning of the process, I cannot tell you how proud we are of him, how excited we are for him and how nervous we’ve been as we watch him take this leap into a new chapter in his life!


Congratulations Oldest! We are so excited to see what lies ahead for you!


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  1. lynettesv says:

    Congrats to JD!

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