Happy New Year!

I’m hoping each of you had a fun, and lovely new years eve! We rang in the new year here at home with all of our kids and grandkids! We gathered ’round the table to eat and play games. Our home was full of laughter (to the point of tears more than once) and love. We played rousing rounds of Password, Bezzerwizzer and Balderdash and ate ourselves silly! I can’t possibly think of  a better way to bring in a New Year. I’ve heard it said that on New Years Eve, you should set the tone for the New Year by being with those you love and doing the things you love to do. Mission accomplished!

Rocky Roll Trio

The man would not do this for just anybody you know!

With the new year comes a blank slate and a resolve to be better, do better, etc. I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions in the past, and I’ve never made them. This year, as the old year wound down though, I found myself taking a different approach. This year I WANT to make changes. I WANT to write on this clean slate of the new year! This year I don’t want to make resolutions, I want to set GOALS! OK, so they are probably two different words that mean the same thing, but I feel like the word “goals” has more of a “tick it off the to-do list” sort of meaning to it and I LOVE a good to-do list!

As a 4-H leader I encourage my kids to set goals in their projects. I tell them to be specific in listing what they want to learn and what they want to achieve in their project work each year. Don’t tell me you want to learn about different kinds of horses; tell me you want to learn about the origins of a specific breed. Don’t tell me you want to learn to bake; tell me you want to learn how to make a cake from scratch!

So, I’ve set goals for the coming year. I’ve got a plan and I’m ready to get started with the check-marks. Will I get them all checked off? Maybe, maybe not, but as I tell my kids, goals that are not achieved, become goals for the next year. We can figure out why it didn’t work out and modify it. Was the goal specific enough? Can it be broken down more? Was the goal attainable in the first place, or was it too lofty? Most importantly realize that it is not a failure, because we can always learn something from the goals not yet reached.

Here are my goals for 2015:

1. To begin a Project 365 again. For those who don’t know, Project 365 is a picture-a-day journal project wherein I take a picture that sort of sums up my day or captures a special moment of the day. I completed one year many years back and I started two other projects but never completed them, mainly because organizing the photos and making an album of them, was overwhelming for me. I also uploaded them to facebook daily and sometimes I would get behind and once again, overwhelmed.

I’m bringing it back because: 1) I liked the challenge of the project and how it forced me to take a look at my day to day life to find the blessings of the seemingly mundane. 2) I like that the project leaves a legacy of an ordinary life; a way for my kids and grandkids to see life through my eyes and a record of my handwriting. When I look back through the one album I was able to complete, I often wish I had something similar from my grandmas that I could hold and touch and see. I just wish I could see their handwriting again. Maybe my kids and grandkids won’t care, but I hope one day, they treasure the odd little collections of pictures. 3) Friends have mentioned that they miss the project! I can’t imagine why, but for them, it will be fun to try it again.

To make it more successful this year, I plan to post pictures to share with my friends weekly and only on this blog, which I share on facebook. I also do not plan to journal them in the traditional photo album. I’m thinking that a file box and note cards are going to be the best method for me.

2. I will blog weekly. Goal 1 will help with that, but many of you have told me that you miss the menu posts. I have to say, I’m a little surprised that you are all that interested in what I’m feeding my family, but I guess some of you get inspiration from it, so the menu posts are back! When examining why I have not posted more in the year past I found that it was a combination of not feeling I had anything interesting enough to post and having something to say, but being afraid to put it out there. No more of that! This is my little corner of the internet and I will own it! I will put here, whatever I feel appropriate and relevant and I’m not going to worry about what others think about it!

3. I will master making the PERFECT French Toast! Creamy on the inside, crispy on the outside, but not to eggy in taste. I’ve wanted to attack this one for a while and I see no better time to do it than now, and it could be a good source for blog posts!

4. Get the kitchen painted and the kitchen shelves and cabinets organized! We’ve been working on the kitchen since our oldest graduated 8th grade. He’s now 28. It’s time. There is a lot to be done to get the walls ready, but by the end of this year, I want to see beautiful color in there! Go away white, unfinished walls! (Wait, could this possibly be a source for a blog post too?)

5. Make goal weight of 120. I’ve slacked off and I’ve only 8 lbs to go. I think I can knock those off in the next few weeks, but I stopped making myself accountable to you and that has made it easy to spin my wheels at my current weight, so get ready for pictures of the scale again. I’m shedding these last few pounds! Goal 3 and 6 could make this tougher than it needs to be.

6. Learn to mix drinks! I’ve always felt that mixology is one of those areas of cooking that I’ve not explored enough. Yes, I realize that this could be a slippery slope for goal number 5 and perhaps for my personal health, but I don’t intend to drink everything I mix, I just want to learn how to put it all together. I feel like it is an art that fits into my love of cooking and I’m sure I’ll have some volunteer tasters.

7. Start a prayer journal, not so much because I want to keep a record of how He answers my prayers or what I pray for (not that doing so is necessarily a bad thing), but to keep me on task, and for remembering all of those for whom I have promised to intercede.

So there they are, my goals for 2015. I look forward to ticking them off one by one and sharing them with my friends and family. Whatever you decide to write on your slate, I hope that you find joy in the smallest of successes! Most of all, I hope that you take time to gather around the table with friends and family and enjoy the everyday, ordinary gifts of your lives. Happy New Year!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicola O. says:

    It makes me super happy that you are going to be blogging more!

    Also, for your project 365, you can get drop-in albums where there’s no pasting or fussing, but will keep your pics and journaling cards in a safer archive.


    1. Thanks Nicola! I am looking forward to getting back into it. 🙂 Hopefully I don’t bore anyone to death! LOL!

      I might consider the drop-in album at some point but to get me going, I need to make it as simple as possible. I’ve got a 4×6 file box right now that I can keep on my desk and can easily update from week to week or day to day. The thing I like about that is it’s compact and in the event of storms or whatnot I can easily grab it and take it to safety with me. This thinking is the result of the tornado. I know I can’t save/protect everything, but it has impacted my thought process and will for a long time I think. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Liz Greer-Hunt says:

    I’m so happy you are going to blog more and share your menus!!


    1. Thanks Liz! I hope I don’t disappoint!


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