Getting My Kitchen Organized OR A Look Inside My Drawers!

This month I’m participating in the facebook group The Month of 100 Things 2015. It’s a fun little facebook group where we encourage each other to start the New Year out lighter by getting rid of at leas 100 things. I’m up to 65 things already! It’s so liberating! One of the tasks to get rid of these things was to tackle “that drawer” in our kitchen. Well, for me that drawer was the kitchen utensil drawer. Not only was the drawer itself coming apart, but it was overloaded and in spite of the organizer trays that were in it, it was less than organized.

Drawer Stuff

All of THIS was in…


Including 5 of these:


I ask you, who needs 5 medicine dosing cups in their kitchen drawer? I mean, don’t you get a new one on the top of every bottle of liquid medicine you buy? Yeah…

So, all of this was being “managed” by a conglomeration of these things:


Nine plastic drawer trays. The problem is that the drawer is large (20.5″ x 25″) and the plastic trays did not fit the drawer exactly, so I wasn’t getting the most from my 512.5 square inches. Honestly, we would have been hard pressed to find any drawer organizers that would have fit it without going custom.

For some time I’ve been after The Man to help me make the most of this beautiful drawer so, after doing my part and paring down the mess of “stuff” considerably, getting rid of 37 items, I left everything else on the counter top and reasoned with The Man. Why not work out the dividers and fix the drawer while it is empty?

Try as he might, he couldn’t come up with a good answer to that so off we went to the happiest place on earth (MENARD’S) where we found Solid Aspen planks like this in the CLEARANCE section! SCORE!!!


He repaired the drawer, did a dry fitting of the dividers so that we could make sure that everything would fit and voila!


A place for everything and everything in its place! I’m one happy cook! By dividing up the drawer on the slant, I can fit longer handled utensils like my soup ladle in there and I’m using up every corner of the drawer! I LOVE it!

Next, some shelving over the refrigerator and the sink! Oh, and I need to select a wall color…


I’m really liking that yellow on the chair below too…might be the color I seek for the cabinets…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz Greer-Hunt says:

    my pick was wall color is the 2nd chip from the left. 🙂
    Love the drawer dividers that Paul built!!


    1. Choice noted. 🙂 We’ve essentially got 3 rooms to cover in whatever color we choose as we have 2 rooms that are 15×22′ that make up the kitchen as a whole (eating area and the actual cooking area) then the launtry room is off of the cooking part of the kitchen but is through a very wide doorway so we’re making it all one color I think. I’m rather partial to chips 3 and 4. Chip 1 has already been eliminated. Too dark.

      I too love the drawer dividers! Makes me happy every time I open the drawer. I’ve got a 4-H meeting this week otherwise I’d be in there tearing down the last of the wall paper and cleaning up the walls this week! Can’t wait to get onto the next phase!


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