Grilled Sloppy Joes for a Cold Sloppy Day

It has been quite the day here at the table. In fact, it’s been quite a week. We’re having a typical, Mid-West, frigid, cold-snap here and about 9:30 a.m. the furnace quit working. I, of course, didn’t realize it until the temps INSIDE were around 60-degrees. I guess when one lives in a 130-year-old home with little to no insulation, a drop in the indoor temperature doesn’t immediately trigger one to think that the furnace has gone out.

No worries though, a quick call to The Man had him on the way home from work to investigate the situation. He quickly determined that the blower was shot. A trip to the local ACE Hardware scored the LAST blower fan they had to fit our furnace and within the hour we were back in the heat! If I hadn’t taken so long to realize the heat was actually out, we might not have been 4 hours without! But we’re warmer now, as warm as we can be with actual negative temperatures in the double digits PLUS a windchill factor. Brrr

Well, there was no more perfect time to have warm, gooey comfort food than today, so we had our grilled Sloppy Joe sandwiches. Yes, they were supposed to be for yesterday’s dinner, but that’s the beauty of a menu, if things need to change for whatever reason, they can change.

I had a reader ask about the Grilled Sloppy Joe sandwiches when I posted my menus so I decided to share the making of the gooey goodness to share with you all. It is not really a recipe so much as a different way to enjoy your Sloppy Joes! I mean, it is just a grilled cheese with Sloppy Joes in the  middle. Nothing magical or difficult about that.

We made our Joes fresh tonight, using a recipe from my “Let’s Start Cooking” book from my days as a 4-Her, but this is a good way to put a new face on leftovers too. Just brown up 1 lb of ground beef with a small, diced onion then add your choice of ketchup, tomato sauce or our favorite, Chili Sauce and salt and pepper to taste. I add about 2 tsp. of brown sugar too.

I started with a nice sliced Boule bread. In hindsight, I would say that these slices were too large to make handling the sandwiches easy. I think a sturdy, more square-shaped bread would probably work better. When we make grilled cheese sandwiches, we don’t use butter on the outsides of the bread, we like to use Mayonnaise. I’m not sure where we picked up the tip, but we like the flavor and the crispiness better.

Mayo breadNext the cheese. I used what I had on hand, Munster and Provalone. Munster on one slice of bread, Provalone on the other.  Lay your first slices of bread on the griddle and top with your choice of cheese, then spoon the Joes and top the Joes with more cheese and bread! Yummy!

Grilled Joes

The tricky, or should I say SLOPPY part is in the turning, but turn you must if the cheese is to get all melty and the bread all toasty. This is another point where smaller slices of bread would come in handy.

griddle full of joes

Slice and serve! You’ll note that we opted for soup and gave the salad the boot tonight.

Soup and Grilled Joe

Stay warm friends!


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