What’s On Momma T’s Table This Week. Maybe. Or Maybe Not. We’ll See.

Friends, have I ever mentioned to you how much I detest February? No? Well, let me tell you, in my book, this shorter-than-the-rest-of-them month is the LoOoOnGeSSsssT, dreariest, most miserable months of them all. It is also the month of my birth. Shame that.

So far, February 2015 has not disappointed. Monday brought an icy, snowy commute and a lot of accidents around town. It also brought us a dead refrigerator. Yup…by the time we discovered it in the morning, the temperature was a balmy 60-degrees inside the fridge. Conversely, it was a brisk 7-degrees outside. I joked on facebook that I might put on my shorts and walk barefoot through the butter, since it was so warm in my refrigerator. Instead I commenced to throwing out eggs, meats, milk, cheeses, sour cream, cream, leftovers, creamy dressings…you get the point. Of course, we’d just gone shopping Saturday so there was plenty to go. If ever you should find yourself in a similar situation and wonder what can stay and what needs to go, the foodsafety.gov has a handy little guide that you can find here. Spoiler alert…it’s pretty much everything in the fridge. 😦


Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, I reminded myself that the refrigerator probably needed a good cleaning anyway. My breaking heart called me a…well, I can’t repeat what it called me, but I cleaned and pitched and moved what little remained to the basement fridge. The freezer, oddly enough, was fine, but I moved it anyway.

The Man came home that evening and, armed with his iPad, his drill and his ohm meter and diagnosed the problem. I cannot explain what it is like to be sitting in the other room and hear your beloved, take a drill, fit with screwdriver bit, to your refrigerator. Unsettling doesn’t begin to express what I was feeling. Silver lining moment, he was able to determine that the defrost timer had stopped working and promptly went to finding a replacement, for only $60. Yes, he was able to find the problem and the fix for only $60. Of course we had to wait for the part in the mail, which fortunately was in our hands by Wednesday.

Wednesday brought more yucky weather, as I worked on 4-H, the project workshops and our vendor fair fundraiser and, oh yeah, managed to miss the bottom step of the stairway. This is not an unusual feat for me as the last three steps are wedged shaped and I usually miss one of those little wedged pieces with my right foot more often than I care to admit, but this time it was with my left foot and I managed to miss the WIDE side of the step entirely. In my efforts to keep from hitting the floor, I grabbed the newel post, twisting oddly, but I did not fall! All of the muscles on the right side of my back began voicing their displeasure almost immediately, however, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my back took me down for the count, but I pushed onward! I had a meeting to prepare! Onward, ever onward!

The next 36 hours brought their share of challenges but I met them head on and managed to get through a very fun 4-H meeting! We did a sort of “Freaky Friday” thing where the kids were the parents and the parents ran the meeting and gave talks and demonstrations! It was great fun and through it all, my back, while still sore, let me do my thing and enjoy myself! Until…

Friday, I awoke, full of energy with plans of finalizing things for the project workshops, working on the FAFSA and catching up on chores, starting with the unloading and reloading of the dishwasher! As I worked at putting things away and placing the dirty’s in, I couldn’t help but notice that I was getting shorter, and the pain in my back was getting sorer. As I placed the dish tab in the dispenser and tried to close the dishwasher door, it happened. My back locked up in that bent over position.

Fortunately, The Boy hadn’t left for school yet, so he helped me to the couch…then left me there without so much as a pain reliever. No matter though, I was just going to rest my back while working on some of my “desk work” on the laptop. It would loosen up and I’d be back at it in no time. Or not.

The Boy was due home around 1:00 for a hair cut, which he had to have for the play he is in, so after resting until about 11:00 I slowly got up and “walked” to the bathroom where I put on my yoga pants and ended up in tears from the pain. No worries, I’ll take some pain reliever and suck it up. I probably just needed to move and loosen things up anyway, right? OK, maybe not right. Back to the couch to rest up before I attempted putting on my t-shirt. I’ll spare you those details, but by 1:30 I was dressed and the Alieve I took was starting to work and I was ready to cut The Boy’s hair. That’s my story anyway.

When he was finally ready for his haircut, I was able to put him on a low step stool and with the posture of a 90-year-old woman, I was able to cut 11″ of his curly locks from his head. In shifts. It was without a doubt the longest haircut I’ve ever given. cut a little, rest a lot, cut a little more…well you get the picture. It did my back no favors, but the boy was happy and back out the door to dress rehearsal and to get the stamp of approval on his haircut.

Christopher's hair

By this time The Girl was home and The Man was on his way. He picked up fast food for dinner on the way home and applied BioFreeze to my back. By this point it hurt to breathe deeply and I couldn’t get comfortable standing, sitting or whatever. Being one to find the humor in the dumbest things, I kept cracking jokes which, of course, hurt to laugh at.

I don’t know if it was so much to ease my pain or to shut up my wise cracking, but the man whipped out his phone and pulled up the Drinks Free app and proceeded to make me an Afghanistany Whore, a combination of Rum, Rootbeer and Vodka, to “help me relax”. BLECH! A nasty drink, (I suspect this had something to do with it’s name). Still, I was in pain and I wanted relief, so I drank it. Not all if it, but a good amount of it. At least until The Man took a sip, gagged, and then said, no more and offered to make me some more medicine.


Afghanistany Whore

I ordered up a Phillips Screwdriver, Vodka and Sunny D, a much better combination. And look at me, working on that goal of studying mixology! 🙂

I slept well and Saturday morning I was able to stand up and take care of business at the project workshop. The back still bothers me, but I’m much better and I’m ready to face the new week and whatever it may bring…and it’s already setting up to a busy bear of a week. The Girl has a choir thing, another Art Show and pep band this week. The Boy is up to his neck in tech week for his show so we won’t be seeing much from him. I’m preparing for the meal for The Oldest’s and my shared birthday. One of us will be 50. 😉 No matter what, I promise to try not to cry and to find the sunny side of the situation.

There is a lot to look forward to this week…like Friday the 13th. Yeah, that’s right, I said I’m looking forward to Friday February 13! You see, this is the exact date of my first date with The Man! We attended a Sweetheart Banquet on Friday, February 13th some 34 years ago and it seems to have worked for us! We plan to spend the day together that day! The. Whole. Day. Together. What could go wrong? Ha!

Since most of the groceries spoiled for last weeks menu and we ended up eating a lot of frozen pizza and take-out, I didn’t have to work really hard to put my menu together for the week. Unfortunately, the way our weekend ran out on us, we didn’t get the grocery shopping done, so The Man made dinner tonight of his own creation. Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, garlic, spinach, and left over chicken. It was yummy and nice that I didn’t have to fix it. 🙂

The breakfasts this week are going back to the hands of those eating them. We’ve got cereal, toast, almond butter, peanut butter, eggs, and the like on hand. The eaters in this house are so varied in what they can tolerate first thing in the morning that I’ve just given up. In exchange, they’ve agreed to eat SOMETHING before starting their day. I’m good with that.

So, here’s what’s on Momma T’s Table this week. Hopefully without a side of disaster. 🙂


Monday – Leftover Pizza

Tuesday – Veggies and Hummus with Apple

Wednesday – Apple, Honey and Goat Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Thursday – Stuffed Sweet Potato

Friday – Out with The Man…all day.

Saturday – Gidget Sandwiches

Sunday – ???? It’s my Birthday. If I have to cook all of the dinner, I’m not figuring out what’s for lunch!


Monday – Honey-lime Tilapia and Wild Rice with Vegetables

Tuesday – Porchetta Pork Tenderloin on Ciabatta Buns, Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus

Wednesday – Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Thursday – Pork Chops, Noodles a la Cody, Mixed Veggies and Apple Sauce

Friday – Out

Saturday – Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

Sunday – Shepherd’s Pie (Son’s Choice), Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie (for DIL and grandchildren) Ribs, Sweet Potatoes and Corn Muffins (My Choice), Chocolate Lava Cake and Strawberry Yogurt Cake.

I take comfort in having a plan in place as I stare down the mouth of another week in this bleak month. Only 2 weeks of this miserable month left after this one! Until we meet again, may the love around your tables be warm and your refrigerator be cold!


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