A Pathway to Balance.

This weekend around the table was the picture of a summer weekend. On Saturday we entertained some young families with a cookout. We partied with some of the best in the five and under crowd! We had 3 families, including eight kids ranging in age from 9 months old to five years. It was a blast as we spread blankets out on the lawn and enjoyed the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables of summer. Perfection.

Sunday brought a gathering with The Boy and some of his theatre friends gathered around the table, enjoying homemade pulled pork bar-b-que and reading through their scripts for the upcoming production of “The Odd Couple”. The talk around the table was about what they did over summer and the start of school…the END of Summer.

Typically this is a melancholy season for me. I do not like the passing of summer. It seemed to me that this season is by far the shortest of them all and it gets shorter every year. Now I realize that my stinkin’ thinkin’ is responsible for the “shortening” of the season. It usually starts in June with the Summer Solstice and goes down hill from there. I immediately begin to mourn the passing of the long, warm days filled with light and begin to dread the oncoming winter. The result is an increasing dread of what is to come and with that I miss so much of what remains of my favorite season.

Recently a family member posted this article with a quiz. I don’t pretend to understand all of what lies within this article with the same depth as she, but what I took from it was a need for balance. When our lives are balanced, or at least more closely balanced than out of balance, we feel better physically and mentally.

The result of my quiz showed a great imbalance of my elements with wood at 36 and water at -4, which meant that I needed to work on raising my levels in the element of metal as metal feeds water. Yeah, I’m still struggling to figure out what all of that means, but what I did learn from this article was that metal is a “Fall” element, a late Fall element at that. Furthermore, metal deals with digestive issues, breathing issues, grief and sadness.And that list of foods under Metal? I’ve been craving most of them. Makes me wonder if there isn’t something to all of this as I always have breathing and digestive issues this time of year. I don’t know, but it certainly makes some sense.

So, this past week I have worked on embracing my “inner pumpkin lover” as my relative put it. I’m thinking ahead to wiener roasts and apple picking and Halloween. Today on my walk home from work I noticed just a hint of the fragrance of fall in the warm, late summer air. Shoot, I had Pandora on shuffle this evening and not one, but two Christmas songs came on and I listened to them all the way through. People who know me, will know what a big deal this is. I even gave one of them a “thumbs up”!

The fact is, no matter how much I dislike the ending of summer, or any endings for that matter, I am beginning to realize that accepting changes as they come brings balance to my life. I re-assessed my elements tonight and the results were as followed: Wood 25, Fire 19, Earth 22, Metal 18 and Water 10. The difference between my highest and lowest score is 15 points, indicating a greater balance than before.

Could changing out my stinking thinking really brought me balance and in turn, greater peace? It would seem so. I think that it certainly hasn’t hurt. While I am certainly not doing the happy dance at the prospect of winter and snowfall, I have thought about shopping for some soft sweaters in some fun colors, and I truly am excited about gathering with friends and family around the campfire with warm cider in my cup. I’m coming to realize that it just doesn’t pay to fight against those things that are unchangeable. The seasons and changes have been set in place by a power far greater than any I might possess. Thinking about the positives allows me to live in the moment and does not steal away my precious time.


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