What’s On Momma T’s Table the Week of 2/14

For Valentine’s day my hubby shot straight for the heart. He didn’t give me chocolates, or flowers. He didn’t give me diamonds or fancy clothing. Nope, my man knows me well. For Valentine’s day, this man got me a side of beef!


That’s only one freezer full of it too. There’s more in the freezer above the refrigerator in the basement!

You are looking at 150 lbs. of locally grown ground beef, 9 chuck roasts, a brisket, 50 lbs of Stew meat, soup bones, steaks…well, you can see for yourself. Where’s the Beef? It’s HERE!

It may seem silly to be so excited about so much meat in the freezer, but there is just nothing like fresh, locally raised meat, cut and processed to your liking. And the price comes out to be about $2.64/lb!

With freezers full of this fresh beef, it was hard not to plan a beef dish for every. single. meal. this week, but variety is the spice of life and eating that much beef in one week, well, it might not be the healthiest. Besides, I wouldn’t want to run out! Ha!

So, with the fresh meat in mind, here’s what’s on Momma T’s table this week:

Sunday: Chili, Rice and Chips

Monday: The Hubs is taking the Oldest and I out for hamburgers at The Burger Bar in celebration of our birthday tomorrow! The Oldest will be 30 and I will be an age other than 30.

Tuesday: Goulash and Salad

Wednesday: Catfish Sandwiches, Cole Slaw

Thursday: Veggie Fried Rice

Finding ourselves childless on Friday and Saturday we will likely go out for dinner. Friday night is also movie night with our 4-H Club.

Sunday: It’s Family Funday Sunday and we will be celebrating our birthdays with the family. The Oldest has requested lasagna for dinner. I’m thinking Texas Sheet cake for dessert.

So, there’s what’s on Momma T’s Table, and in her freezer this week. If you ever find yourself in the position to purchase a side or a quarter beef, or a half or whole hog, I highly recommend you do it. It makes a difference when you know how the meat is raised and processed and though it’s a large amount of money out of pocket at the beginning, the savings on the grocery bill over time is completely worth it!

Here’s to a new week. May you have good company and good food around YOUR table this week.



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