Into Each Life…

This is one of those weeks where I really have no idea what to blog about. Actually, I find it difficult to blog honestly sometimes because I feel the need to be perky and “up” all the time.  While I experienced the company of good friends this week, as a whole, this was a disappointing week. It rained or was cold almost all week, so the weeds in my gardens have now gotten a big lead on me. I’ve struggled with some issues concerning 4-H. I just didn’t feel like I had it together…

I did get about an hour out there to explore, and do a little work in the garden on Mother’s day before I was dragged away, kicking and screaming from my happy place though. During our inspections of the gardens on Sunday, we glanced over to the ladder where mama Robin had set up housekeeping to find:


the nest is empty. No sign of mama or the eggs. The Man saw her there Tuesday when he mowed, but by Sunday, the nest was empty. It would appear that while building her nest on top of a ladder, behind a trellis worked well in protecting her from the resident hawk, it may have created the perfect access for a raccoon or possum to steal her beautiful blue eggs.

Empty. An unsettling feeling to say the least. It’s how I feel this week. Empty. Out of energy, out of ideas, out of patience and without emotion. That’s probably not what you came here to read about, but it’s the truth. Everyone experiences emptiness from time to time, and this is not the first time for me. Even in the midst of friends and family, with a smile on my face I have that feeling of emptiness.

The nest has me thinking though, what do we DO with that emptiness when it comes? Can we fill it? If so, how? Is this emptiness actually good for us?

Just look at that nest. It is a perfect combination of mud and straw, intricately woven together. It’s a sturdy home for birds and now it’s empty. The mama Robin will not come back this year, but if we left it (which we won’t because it’s just not in a good location, and the Man would like to have his ladder back) would she or another bird want to use to raise a family? Perhaps.

Like the nest, we too are perfectly and wonderfully made. If we are empty, doesn’t that give our creator a chance to fill us again? To help us to realize our purpose? Or maybe for those of us who are always “on” it’s just an opportunity to rest. I don’t pretend to know the answers to any of these questions, but I do think that there is a reason that we go through periods of emptiness.

That empty feeling is still so scary though, and it leaves me wanting to find a way to fill it, to make it go away. Usually this would mean it would try to EAT it away and I’ve been fighting that urge all week. I’m not sure what to do now but to ride it out. Maybe I’ll learn something about myself along the way, huh?

As you might have guessed, today’s weigh-in is not what I would have hoped for either…the disappointment just keeps coming. But it’s not all that bad either.


It’s a gain, but only .6 lbs. Into each life a little rain must fall. I’ve got an opportunity here in the void to make next week better. Hmm…did I just hit on something? Could this emptiness be an opportunity?

Well, while you mull that over, here’s what’s on Momma T’s Table this week:


Monday – Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bar (The Man made them for Mother’s Day. He’s so perfect)

Tuesday – Caitlin’s Oaty, Fruity Bowl of Goodness

Wednesday – Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bar with milk

Thursday – Hard Boiled Egg and Pretzel Chips

Friday – Caitlin’s Oaty, Fruity Bowl of Goodness

Saturday – Caitlin’s Oaty, Fruity Bowl of Goodness

Sunday Brunch – Spinach, Artichoke, Feta Breakfast Bake


Monday – Leftover Chinese

Tuesday – Wheat Thins, Almond Butter and Strawberries

Wednesday – Cherry Tomatoes and Cheddar Cheese Cubes, Apple and Almonds

Thursday – Orange Slices, Wheat Thins, Mini Bell Peppers and Hummus

Friday –  Chicken and Hummus Wrap and strawberries

Saturday – Turkey Pita Sandwich


Monday – Spaghetti with Homemade Chunky Veggie Sauce, and Salad

Tuesday – Balsamic Chicken and Veggies

Wednesday – Pork Burgers on Pretzel Buns, Roasted Veggie Quiona

Thursday – Pan-Seared Salmon and Pearled CousCous

Friday – OUT with Pub Club

Saturday – Baked BBQ Chicken and Roasted Carrots

Sunday – It’s Graduation Open House Season so who knows?

So, while I feel empty inside, I the table will be full of food and family. Here’s to a week of discovery and filling my spirit. Have a good one, friends.




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  1. Liz Greer-Hunt says:

    The oatey/fruity bowl of goodness has become a regular for my breakfasts!
    Thank you for blogging honestly. It’s a relief to know that someone else out there goes thru “stuff”-someone else has a life that isn’t “perfect”.
    For some reason, I’ve been feeling “off” this week too. My husband loses his job at the end of May. (he works at the closing Mitsubishi Motors plant). I tried to go back to work, but quickly discovered that my autistic daughter needs me at home.
    Nothing much you and I can do, but just soldier on!


    1. That oatey/fruity bowl is the BOMB isn’t it? Sorry about the hubby’s job. so many are going through so much because of that plant closing. I understand the struggles of “get the job/fulfill the needs of the family” gig too. Especially the kids with special needs. So much to pull us in so many directions. I often wonder if/how our grandparents’ struggled with these sort of things. I’m sure they did. But you are correct. There’s nothing to do about it. I believe there is a reason we all go through these bouts though.

      Chin up my friend. We will soldier on. 🙂 Thanks for your response.


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