Well readers, I am in the final days of stepping down from my job and making the shift to being at home full time. Three days left! At work, I’ve done quite a bit of standing around while training someone to take over in my spot until they find a permanent replacement. I’ve also been saying a lot of “See ya laters” (I don’t say Goodbye) to my co-workers. We will still be friends and see each other. This I know.

I’ve also been preparing the family and myself for the transition to my daily return to home. This will require some adjustments for everyone involved, and I mean EVERYONE. I suspect even the pets are not going to know what to think. Poor old Ernie is used to heading upstairs when he sees me go for my shoes. NOW when I put on my shoes in the morning, it will mean a nice walk for the BOTH of us. No doubt he will be excited, but this pooch is easily confused by changes in his routine.

I haven’t done the daily Laundry/Dishes/Dinner routine in some time. Not in the way I used to anyway, and I worry that I may have lost my groove. On the other hand, I’ve developed some really good routines while working away from home that I think could be implemented in my routines at home that would make me more productive and effective at home.

For instance, I am up every morning at 5:00 and dressed and out the door by 8:00. I still intend to do that once I’m home again. That time will be used as it is now, to take care of emails, watch the news/weather and prepare the plan for the day, and eat a healthy breakfast and get dressed.That last step will be very important as before, it was very easy to spend the day doing housework in my PJ’s all day.

I also adopted the use of Monthly Diaries at work. A checklist of tasks that I did daily and specific things that I did monthly…some of them the same from month to month and others specific to whatever was going on in the office that particular month.I have now adapted them to the home routine. They are a work in progress, and like the ones I used at work, they will be updated as I go.


I love a good checklist. It keeps me on task and it is SO satisfying to see all of the items getting checked off! I’ve started working with this one this week just to see where I need to tweak it.

I will be able to get refocused on my weight loss again too. I’ve stalled out recently, but today I made it into the 120’s!


This brings my total weight loss to 13.2 lbs so far. Forgive the toes. It would appear I need to put “Paint toenails” on the list! 🙂

Adjustments to the transition will no doubt present challenges. The kids are not used to having me in the house in the mornings and have become quite accustomed to sleeping late and never coming out of their holes, for instance. Talk about a challenge, but I’m up for it. Oh boy, am I up for it! 🙂

Not seeing adults every day will be a little strange for me. I am a social being and love to talk to people, help them and share ideas, but I also love to be at home and create, and spend time with my thoughts while I garden and such. I also love to cook and I’m thinking of toying with making bread once a week, just because I can.

It’s a little funny (odd) to me that I should be so nervous to return to a job that I have worked at more than any other in my life.It seems to me that I should easily just slip back into the routine, and maybe that is the problem. Maybe I don’t just want to slip into the old routine, but I want to improve upon the model. Maybe I want to do what I do, but I want to do it better? I think that may just be a part of it. All I know is it’s time to make the transition back to home and away from what was quickly heading toward becoming a toxic environment for me. It is time and I am looking forward to what this time will bring.

I’m different that I was 14 and 1/2 months ago and the homemaker game is different too, with two ADULT children at home. We will no doubt step on each others toes as we learn this new dance, but I know, and I think they do too, that this is the transition that is best for all of us. I’m ready. Bring it.





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